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Logitech G35 Black Headband Headsets for PC

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7.1 Surround Sound headset for a reasonable price!

Sep 4, 2010 (Updated Sep 13, 2010)
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Pros:Good sound, comfy, good microphone, seals sound well (helps family sleep), silent idle, long cord

Cons:USB connection relegates it to computer use only

The Bottom Line: Definite buy for anyone who enjoys 7.1 Surround on their computer for movies and games. Also great for stereo music, and it's easy to switch modes!

I admit I was skeptical when I got my G35 7.1 Surround Sound headset from Logitech, but the headset won me over.

This black headset with red trim is packed with goodies.  (Note that the red trim is mostly on the inside, so from the outside it looks mostly black.)

1) Comfortable with good build quality and long cord.  I wear glasses and can wear this headset for several hours in a row without discomfort.  It comes with adjustable headband and even comes with additional padding inserts you can use to make the fit perfectly for your particular head size.  The pleather earcups go around your ears and shut you off from the rest of the world; it's hard to hear through these things when there is sound playing.  The 10-foot cord means you don't need to worry too much about contorting yourself to make sure you don't accidentally de-plug yourself from your computer. Overall this headset is comfy and sturdy enough that it can take a few light beatings.  Try to not sit on it, though. :)

2) Easy setup. Put CD in CD drive. Click install. Plug in headset to USB port on your computer. You're done!  You can tinker with the software settings and equalizer and sound effects, but I didn't bother, and it still worked fine.

3) Good-quality sound.  The best-sounding headphones I've ever owned.  Bass was good and clear. No real distortion. Just crisp and clean sound.  Since it's a digital connection, there is no background noise when it's idle, just a whole lot of silence--and I do mean silence, since the earcups filter out a lot of sound... it's sort of like wearing earplugs. It was a bit weird for me at first since I had never used a digital headset before, but I got used to it.  

4) Built-in volume adjustment directly on the headset via a roller. This is VERY handy because for whatever reason my programs all have different intrinsic sound levels.  So while an MP3 may be just right, if I switch to a movie it may BE TOO LOUD, and if I switch to a game it may be too soft. With this headset it's not a problem; I just roll the volume to whatever level I want.  It's nice to be able to go from one volume to another very quickly via hardware, rather than fumbling with the software volume controller.

5) Built-in microphone of good quality. I played back the sound using the included software and I was very clearly heard with no distortion; in fact, it even picked up the clicks of my mouse!  I fired up some computer games and everyone I asked said I sounded very clear.  The mic is flexible but sturdy and can be swiveled up out of the way when not in use; it auto-mutes when that happens.  You can also mute it via the included software program or via a button on the headset.

6) Built-in stereo/surround slider on the headset. Slide it one way and it becomes stereo for music (NOTE: even if you leave it on Surround Sound and the music is stereo, it still sounds great).  Slide it the other and it becomes 7.1 Surround Sound using Dolby Digital (some sort of software magic that makes it sound like a 7.1 headset despite using only 2 drivers in the earpieces).  Surround is good for movies and games.  If a movie or game uses 5.1 Surround sound, this headset will automatically shift to 5.1 mode instead of 7.1 mode.

7) Surround Sound positioning/directionality is good. I was skeptical about directionality with 2 drivers, but after reading up on the topic and trying out another company's headset (Zalman) that had 3 drivers in each earcup, I was convinced that 3 small drivers around each ear can't do a better job than Dolby's algorithm.  I wouldn't have believed it had I not read up a lot on the topic, tried the Zalman, and then bought the G35 and saw for myself that it really is possible! I tried various sound test samples online and with the included Logitech software, and the G35 passed with flying colors.  I played some computer games with it and it worked fine.. in one recent game of TF2, I heard someone behind me (it was a first-person shooter).  So I turned around and killed him before he could stab me in the back.  Surround is definitely an advantage in games like that, or even in racing games where you want to know when someone is sneaking up on you.

8) Three built-in buttons on the headset can be programmed for various functions. You can store five profiles and tell the headset what you want the buttons to do. I have mine linked to Winamp as Previous Track, Play, and Next Track.

9) The software includes some fun voice-morphers that can make you sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks, or a space alien, or a giant or mutant, etc. It can be fun, but the novelty wears off after a while. You can also use it to disguise your voice in online games if you want to preserve anonymity or something.

10) Won't wake the family. I know I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: for those who don't want to wake up the spouse or kids with late-night Surround Sound movie watching or gaming, the seal of the earcups is good. You can't hear much of what's going out in the outside world, and the outside world can't hear much of what's going on in the headset.  

11) Compatibility with Windows and Mac: Some people claim that Windows 7 64-bit doesn't work with it.  Well it does work, perfectly, on my Win 7 x64 machine.  The headset also works on Macs.  In fact, the default programming for the 3 built-in programmable buttons on the headset is for iTunes.  Of course, this headset works with Windows XP and Vista, too.

12) Very low CPU overhead: The drivers for this headset require very little CPU power.  If you have a reasonably fast CPU, it will take less than 1% of its computational power to drive the headset. So forget those rumors that you will lose framerates in games with this headset. You will lose maybe one frame per second, which is negligible.

13) The only real con to this headset is that it's a USB-only headset.  You can't plug it into a receiver, or use it on XBox or PS3 since it requires drivers.  This is strictly a computer headset.

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