The GE PSHS6PGZ (25.9 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

Mar 2, 2012
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Pros:Easy to maneuver shelves, easy to clean and keeps food fresh.

Cons:It's not the greatest for food storage space-wise, but sufficient for family of four.

The Bottom Line: Cools well, good for family of four, nice features, easy to clean and customize.

I have the GE 25.9 cu. ft. side by side refrigerator in black. It's a very beautiful fridge and has a water and ice dispenser. The right side of the fridge is the fridge portion and the left is the freezer.


My only complaint about this fridge is that its spatial area does not store as much as it would lead others to believe, which I suppose is probably almost the most important factor in a fridge besides its cooling abilities. Because what good would a fridge that stored a lot of food be if it didn't keep the food cool enough not to spoil? However, this fridge does cool very, very well. I just wouldn't say that this fridge would be good for a family of 5 or more people.

The fridge portion is about a foot and a half wide.

The fridge has several (5) spill-proof shelves, which are really spill-proof; however, the bottom two shelves are extremely narrow. Not very much can be stored on those two shelves. An additional "shelf" is a wire rack that can store soda and/or water or some other beverage. You simply stack up the drinks laying on their sides.

There is a storage compartment on the bottom of the fridge for meat, which is also spill-proof and keeps meat well. The compartment above that is for veggies. The compartment above that is for deli meat, cheese and whatever else you wish to put there. I would rather that the compartment area for vegetables was larger, but I typically buy more vegetables than the average person, such that I typically buy about 10-12 servings of fruit and veggies for my family per day. In a week's time, this is a lot of fruit and veggies. So, a "normal" family would find that this compartment is more than enough for their needs.

The compartment for deli meat and such is large enough to store 4 loaves of bread. I actually have one loaf, sour cream, cream cheese and other deli items there and is perfect for what I need.

There is a shelf immediately above the deli compartment for whatever needs to be put there.  The next three shelves above this one are adjustable-- they can be moved to any level in roughly 3-inch increments. One shelf in particular can actually double up so that if there is a large item placed below it, it would fit.

All the shelves are clear, slide out easily and can be cleaned very easily. This makes cleaning the fridge a breeze, for which I am grateful.


The freezer side is about a foot wide.

The freezer side has 5 wired shelves, three of which can slide out, but cannot be adjusted.  There are three door shelves, two of which can pivot out. These shelves can be moved about, also in 3-inch increments.

I don't store a lot in the freezer, so it meets my needs. If a family were to rely heavily on frozen foods, this freezer would probably not perform well for them.


There are several "buttons" that feature a door alarm, a locking mechanism, a light, temperature features, crushed ice, cubed ice, water and a button to make "quick ice," which I don't quite understand. Why would there be a function for regular time made ice and another function for quick ice? Shouldn't we just want it quick all the time? I guess it may involve the temperature used and since you don't need to make instantaneous ice all the time, it's probably why there are two different speeds. The door alarm feature is great if you have little kids. If the door has been left open, the alarm will go off after a few minutes.

The temperature controls are all digital, which make it amazingly easy to cool off the fridge as desired. There's even an option to "turbo cool." Ooooooh.

I didn't purchase this fridge directly. I just purchased a new home and it came equipped with the fridge.

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