Why Is The Freezer Side Always Smaller

Feb 4, 2013
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Pros:Attractive design; ice & water dispense on the door; adjustable shelves

Cons:Limited freezer space

The Bottom Line:

Overall, I am very happy with the GE PSHS6PGZ (25.9 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator, and will over time adjust to the limited freezer space. 

We have moved!  Finishing off an ordeal that started early 2012, my spouse and I moved into our new (retirement) home on December 13th2013. Nothing takes it out of one like building a new home, while refinancing the old one, and planning to move into the one all within a year.

Our home builder offered all General Electric (GE) appliances so for a refrigerator we choose the GE PSHS6PGZ (25.9 cu. ft.) Side-by-Side Refrigerator in stainless steel finish.

We wanted a side-by-side that offered both ice and water in the door and that really was our sole criterion for the new fringe.  The attractive, 25.9 cu. Ft. free-standing GE PSHS6PGZ (25.9 cu. ft.) Side-by-Side Refrigerator fit the bill.

First Impressions
I am (mostly) impressed!  While the refrigerator side offers amble room including three bins is which to store fruits, snacks and, and veggies, the freezer side is somewhat lacking in space.  The price we paid for wanting an ice maker; the unit takes up ¼ of the upper portion of the freezer.  And it doesn’t help that the freezer is already 2/3 smaller than the refrigerator side.

However both sides are well lit with lighting along the sides of the compartments instead of one bulb lighting the whole thing.  The push buttons on the door for water, ice (crushed or cubed) are attractively designed and back lit, however the lettering is not, so at night one has to turn on a light in order to know which button to  push; bad design GE. 

The lower drawer of the refrigerator compartment is humidity controlled and does a fantastic job of keeping veggies fresh and crisp, at least for a while.  The drawer right above it we use for fruits and it too does a laudable job in keeping things fresh and editable for more than a week. 

The shelves inside the body of the GE PSHS6PGZ (25.9 cu. ft.) Side-by-Side Refrigerator and on the door(s) are adjustable and spill-prove—whatever that means.   And for the first time in a long time we actually have spare space in the refrigerator on an ongoing basis; wish I could say the same for the freezer wherein I have to constantly shuffle food around to make room.  The big Purdue Over-Stuffer Roasters don’t help, but hey when they are buy-one-get one free, who can resist?        

Overall, I am happy with the GE PSHS6PGZ (25.9 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator, and will over time adjust to the limited freezer space.  The design is attractive, the ice maker and water dispenser efficient and very utilitarian, and the veggies remain fresh longer than a week!

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