GE RVM1535 950 Watt Microwave Oven Reviews

GE RVM1535 950 Watt Microwave Oven

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Hotpoint Microwave Nukes Your Food

Jan 28, 2009
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Pros:Reliable, Easy to Use, Fast, Great Functions/Timer, Easy to Clean


The Bottom Line: This is the ultimate microwave, because it cooks food efficiently/properly, and it is easy to clean.

When I purchased my house in 2005, I was happy to get out of my rat infested condominium, and to be able to play loud music all day and night without irritating my neighbors. There were no more long walks to the end of the hallway, to a single bathroom, and I could hear crickets again instead of an occasional gunshot in the middle of the night. It was a major upgrade on so many levels, and I was happy to get a new electric range oven, and an already installed microwave oven above it. If you have never experienced the heartache of installing a microwave above a range, count your lucky stars, because it is a royal pain to hold that displaced weight while trying to properly align the unit with the screws in the cabinet.

The microwave unit in my kitchen is a GE Hotpoint 950 watt model, and it has done a great job with all of the abuse we have put it through. No one in my family likes to cook that much, due to our busy schedules, so we really do depend on it for a variety of meals and snacks. It is used several times a day, and it has never let us down with any reliability issues. One of the foods it most often cooks is my popcorn, because as part of my twelve step program, I have to admit that I am an addict of this particular snack item. Most microwaves have a "popcorn" button that seems to work fairly well, but a lot of them will leave a lot of kernels in the bag. The popcorn button on this microwave cooks my beloved treat in three minutes, and there are only a handful of kernels everytime. There are no burned pieces, as it is done just right.

For microwave dinners, you can't beat the speed and even cooking, that this unit can provide. The 950 watts capability is not as strong as some other microwaves, but it warms up dinners quicker than the instructions say on the packaging. Some might be annoyed by this, but once I learned this quirk, what I do is cook a meal for a minute less than a packages instructions say. I like having my food ready quicker, and I like how it evenly spreads the heat around with its turntable operation. This turntable rotates fairly quickly, and is easy to remove for cleaning.

This has got to be the easiest microwave to clean. A lot of this is because its at my height, so I can just reach right in there, and all it takes is a damp sponge, some dish soap, and paper towels. You don't need to do any real scrubbing inside, as stains come right off of the walls and window. It takes only a couple of minutes at the most, and the outside is just as easy as well. Due to it being over the range, it does get an occasional splatter of sauce, but it can be brushed off in the same manner as the interior. The turntable is dishwasher safe, but I just scrub it with the sponge, dry it, and then place it back in. If there is strong residue stuck on there, a brillo pad will generally take care of this problem.

The buttons are placed in an easy to use manner, and the handle is large enough to allow for easy opening and closing. A lot of microwaves have buttons that are too small, and sometimes they are practically right on top of each other. This microwave has large buttons, that are easy to read, and they are spaced a half inch apart from other ones. Instructions for cooking are easy enough, with the handy guide, and on the inside of the microwave there is a small cheat index that shows you the codes needed for various food items.

If you use the microwave to defrost items, such as steaks, you'll be happy with how this speeds up the process. There is a button setting for this, and you can use the "reheat" button for your mom's mystery meat meatloaf from the night before. This is a very user friendly microwave, that also has a help button, that can guide you through several functions on the screen. It takes awhile to get through these functions, but its better than having nothing. I love the timer on this microwave, which I use as a friendly reminder, even when I use the range down below to cook a turkey or a casserole if its the weekend. It is easy to set, and it beeps more than loud enough, so you can't use the old "I didn't hear the timer" excuse when the food is burned.

I am very satisfied with this microwave, and think its the best one I've ever had. The day that it stops to work will be a tragedy of epic proportions, because I'm very attached to it, due to its ease of use and excellent service. It matches my range with its white color, and its an attractive machine sitting underneath the kitchen cabinets. You can't go wrong with this microwave, and I am thankful that it has helped to make dinner time a lot easier. I know it won't save me any time on my commute, but it is excellent at saving time while providing a meal, after being stuck in traffic after a long workday.

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