GE JVM1790SK 1000 Watts With Convection Cook Microwave Oven Reviews

GE JVM1790SK 1000 Watts With Convection Cook Microwave Oven

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GE JVM1790 Convection/Microwave - One Word - "Versatility"

Jun 28, 2006 (Updated Nov 22, 2009)
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Pros:Beautiful Stainless steel exterior, Multi-functioning as either microwave or convection oven, Easy to clean


The Bottom Line: Outside of it's top-end price, I have no serious complaints. Ultimate in kitchen convenience and flexibility, easy to clean and attractive stainless exterior.

When our faithful Tappan double oven finally gave out on us last fall, we ended up selecting the GE JVM1790 Convection Microwave along with the GE Profile JB968 Electric Kitchen Range for a maximum in versatility and use of kitchen space. By selecting these two ovens, we ended up with three ovens or two ovens and a microwave while freeing up counter space taken up by our countertop microwave... a real advantage while hosting large family events.


When we purchased the oven, I decided I would take on the job of installing on my own. We had guests coming and I was unable to wait to schedule installation nor did I have the desire to pay the added cost. If it is your choice to complete installation on your own, be advised that GE's literature pegs the weight of the unit at about 65 lbs.

I am the do-it-yourself type but the included instructions were quite simple and I honestly feel anyone could complete the process in no more than an hour or two if electrical outlets are available prior to beginning. The template supplied by GE for installation is accurate and extremely helpful. The process is a one-man operation but a second body is helpful and almost a necessity to place the unit while getting electrical connections in their proper place.

Since this is an over the range style oven, GE has provided both a surface vent fan and the ability to vent your microwave to the exterior or simply recirculate air back into the room. Due to the ease of installation and no particular need or desire to vent outside I choose the simpler option. Our microwave is vented through the included charcoal filter built into the oven. While this option is less difficult during installation, it does cause the need to occasionally replace the built-in disposable filter.


We love the appearance of the GE JVM1790 Convection Microwave with it's contemporary looking black case and brushed stainless steel front surface. Of course this oven is the perfect match for our GE Profile JB968 Electric Kitchen Range. The oven window is large for easy viewing of the contents yet equally stylish. I was originally concerned with comments many had regarding keeping the stainless portion of the exterior clean. To date, cleaning the stainless surfaces have not provided a challenge at all and still look box-fresh. One only needs to wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth to easily remove grease, dirt or fingerprint smudges.


The interior of the oven is expansive. One consideration was whether or not we could fit our full sized baking pans into the oven. The pans are slightly less than 13" x 18" and fit with a little room to spare. The GE website offers the following information as far as interior and exterior dimensions:

Cabinet Width 30 in
Overall Depth 15 3/8 in
Overall Height 16 7/16 in
Overall Width 29 15/16 in
Cavity (W x H x D) 21-5/9 x 9-6/15 x 14-1/4
Total Capacity (cubic feet) 1.7 ft3

The oven has two removable, fixed position wire racks for maximizing efficiency, allowing baking two trays at a time. The interior surface is an easy to clean high gloss stainless steel. Any spills or debris are extremely simple to wipe off with a damp cloth - I suspect the brand new looking interior surface will remain for many years to come.


It's virtually impossible for me to run through the entire list of features but it suffices to say, this is one smart oven. This oven has full convection bake and roast features and offer you the ability to pre-heat just like your regular oven should the recipe require it. You will most likely need the instruction manual on the first few attempts although the display does prompt you through the process. For those of you that are used to ovens that require push-buttons for setting time and temperature, the dial will seem a bit awkward to use at first.

I sincerely didn't originally believe we would use this oven as a convection oven very often but as time has progressed, we have used this feature more and more often. We have found this oven does not heat up our kitchen and is actually a bit more convenient to use. The convection feature appears to work just as advertised and works great for quick baking chores like brownies or cookies. The convection option seems to do a more than adequate job of producing an evenly cooked surface although one should be prepared to wait an unusually long time for the oven to pre-heat.

The GE JVM1790 Convection Microwave has fast defrost, time defrost and auto defrost features as well. The fast defrost is best used for meats, poultry and fish for weights up to one pound. You will require using the auto defrost for the same meat, poultry and fish weighing up to six pounds. The auto defrost feature is initiated by depressing the defrost button twice. A third choice, time defrost may be selected by hitting the defrost button a third time. This is suggested for defrosting most other foods and allows you to dial in the desires length of time.

We love the beverage feature on this oven which allows us quick heating of coffee and tea. Again, by depressing the beverage button either one, two or three times we can heat various sized cups between 6 and 12 ounces as clearly shown on the display screen.

The GE JVM1790 Convection Microwave also comes equipped with a 13 1/2" glass turntable and a convenient one button touch selection Turntable On/Off button on the control board to prevent the turntable from rotating. Since this is designed as an over-the-range style oven, cooktop lighting has also been included. Again, a one button touch selection may be made on the oven front toggling from bright for lighting the work surface below, night for a nightlight or off. Similarly, a three speed exhaust fan is built into the oven to vent the lower cooking surface and it too is controlled easily by the same touch pad.

Although we have only had the need on a few occasions and only for fairly short periods of time, we have found the warm mode feature a handy feature. This is especially nice while entertaining and preparing multiple items simultaneously. The warm mode does a nice job keeping food warm without over-drying.

The cooking complete reminder is not overly loud or annoying but the occasional beeping offers sufficient notice that items have been left in the oven.

The GE website lists the following power ratings:

Electrical Input - 120V 15 Amps
Electrical Input - 120V 1800 Watts


The manufacturer offers consumers a limited 1-year parts and labor warranty covering the entire appliance. The magnetron tube comes with a limited 5-year warranty on all models manufactured on or after January 1, 2006.


With it's ability to act as either a microwave or convection oven, this appliance offers us incredible versatility. You'll love the large interior and the simplicity of cleaning both the interior and exterior of your new oven. The one thing you may not care for is the rather hefty price tag. It did take some doing to finally arrive at our final selection but after over nine months of use, we couldn't be happier with our decision. I have to give the GE JVM1790 Convection Microwave a full five star recommendation.

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Amount Paid (US$): 639.00

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