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Oct 6, 2007
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My husband and I spent a lot of $$ purchasing what we thought was an efficient, top-notch washing machine. I feel I am wasting my time washing my clothes. The worst problem is the smell!!!!! After several months, I have noticed that ALL my towels and dishrags retain a sour smell. The moment you start drying off, you get this rancid odor. It is so AWFUL!!!! I have tried a variety of settings and different brands of detergents. I have tried soaking my dishrags in bleach. I tried using a bottle of bleach in a wash cycle to clean out any stagnate water. It helped for a week or so but now my towels are back to smelling. It seems that this is a common problem for a variety of brands of high efficiency washers. I have 5 other friends who have other brands of front loading machines and they are all having the same problem. I called GE to complain and they say they have had no other complaints like this. What a waste of money!!!

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