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May 19, 2010 (Updated May 19, 2010)
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Pros:Ge has offered to cover the cost of the part and the house call.

Cons:THIS WASHER IS ONLY 19 MONTHS OLD! What kind of garbage is GE selling?

The Bottom Line: I will NEVER buy another GE appliance again. If this is as long as it will last, then they are making junk! I will NEVER recommend GE to anyone!

I bought this GE washer in Sept 2008 after having had  a GE washer for 18 years. Within 5 months I was having trouble with the selector knobs. The repair man took the back splash apart and the craftmanship was unbelievable. ALL PLASTIC. Which were broken. He glued them back together and ordered me a hole new back splash. If the plasic parts are broken behind the back splash, they can not be fixed the entire panel must be replaced. The new knobs are difficult to push in and I have to baby them.
Now, in May 2010 I am having trouble with the washing cycle. It makes a terrible noise. Upon investgating (because I'm out of warranty) we discover that while the machine is trying to agitate, it's also whineding up to spin out. So water is over flowing from the over flow tube. When it does spin out, water is shooting out of the over flow tube every where. A repair man tells me the transmission is going and needs to be replaced. $200.00. Seal kits with barrings $40.00. $70.00 for the service call and 1 1/2 hours for labor at $50.00 an hour.   That's $385.00  to repair a 19 month old washer, that cost $425!! So I am angry and will NEVER BUY ANYOTHER GE appliance as long as I live!!!
I have spent 2 days calling the service department, emailing and calling, long distance, to speak to someone in the office of consumer affairs/public relations. Only to spend hours arguing with reps to get them to pay for the repairs to this machine. I do not think that I should be dealing with this on an appliance that's only 19 months old!

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