GPX MW3836 Silver/Black ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player Reviews
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GPX MW3836 Silver/Black ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player

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May 13, 2008
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Pros:Great MP3 player for the money, good sound, easy to use.

Cons:Low quality phones, Have to go through every song to get where you want...

The Bottom Line: Great value player, I would recommend it for kids and athletes and anyone who wants an mp3 but cannot afford to spend the big bucks.

First of all, the GPX MW3836 MP3 player is the first MP3 player I have owned, Although I have used and recently compared others. The main reason for my choice of this one was the unbeatable price. I have looked at various retail and on line locations (including: Wal-Mart, Comp USA, Best Buy, and E-bay, just to name a few) for the last several months to find a descent player with an acceptable storage capacity. As a student on a students budget, when I found this player for thirty dollars I had to take a chance on it.

The player holds 1 gigabyte of storage and is expandable with an SD card (which I have not yet tried). It comes with a USB cable to connect with your computer and a pair of ear buds and requires one AAA battery which was not included.

Almost as soon as I plugged it in I was slightly disappointed by the sound. At full volume, It was not very loud at all and the sound was not that great. I tried an old pair of Sony headphones I had laying around and was relieved that the volume and sound were immediately and greatly improved. The player also has a pre-programmed equalizer that allows you to select from 5 different presets like rock and classical and also helped the quality of the sound. I use the player in my truck plugged in through an old tape player and it sounds great.

The packaging claims that the player will hold 650 songs, I am not sure if the manufacturers listen to the Readers Digest condensed version of every song I have ever heard, or if they are huge show tunes fans, but you will not get 650 songs onto this player, at least as it is sold. I mistakenly tried to download a Duke Ellington compilation CD set onto it and was not able to fit the entire album(probably 50 songs) onto the player. Leave your jazz collection at home however, and you should be able to fit about 200 songs onto the player.

The controls for the player are very simple with one button controlling on/pause/play/stop/off, another that locks the keys, individual volume and up/down buttons, and one that held for different lengths of time selects the random/repeat functions and changes the equalizer presets. The low amount of buttons allows you to easily operate the player without looking at it.

The main problem with this players controls, is that you have no play list and have to step through each song to get to the one you want. You cannot just go from folder to folder and select the song you want. Having to click the next button 150 times to get to the song you want can be monotonous and probably uses a lot more battery power then if you could just select from a list. The player does however, contain random and repeat functions and lets face it, the beauty of an mp3 player is being able to have your favorite music with you. I just turn it on and let it play.

Another thing I noticed almost immediately is that the clear window on the player started to get scratched quickly. This is a common problem with me as I tend to drop things into my pocket with my keys. Keep the player in it's own pocket and you shouldn't have too much trouble with scratching. That being said the display will show you the Artist and song title of the song currently being played, the power left in the battery, and the song number. The back light on the display is the "Indiglo" type and is a necessity if you are trying to find a specific song in the dark.

The player plays for about a week on one AAA battery using it for a few hours a day and does not have a way to plug it into the wall. When linked to a computer via it's USB cable the player can be used as a flash drive and has been helpful when I forget my actual flash drive (not that helpful because I generally don't carry the required cable around with the player). The device also comes with a 1 year warranty and a promotional offer in which you can receive 50 free songs from a certain mp3 download site.

My verdict is that the GPX MW3836 MP3 player is a great deal for the money in comparison to other players I have seen. It has good sound and enough storage for a road trip. Its ease of use and durability make it ideal for driving with and for use while running or doing other sports and again its price is such that if you do break it or lose it you have probably gotten your moneys worth already.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 30
Recommended for: Athletes - Lightweight and Portable, Perfect for the Gym

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