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Cuisinart GR-4N Indoor Grill

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Indoor cooking that taste good and Its Healthy, Cuisinart grill

Sep 30, 2012 (Updated Jan 19, 2014)
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Pros:Looks, easy to use, easy cleanup and all healthy cooking

Cons:The value of the grill and the usage is priceless

The Bottom Line: Easy storage, small cooking area this grill is great to have cooks many recipes for a great price soak the trays and easy clean-up

I love to cook on a grill. Not too much of liking to cook outdoors. I went to bed , bath and beyond and started looking around for cooking tools.

I saw the griddler. Two sided plates, one side for grilling food and the other side for making pancakes , bacon, sausage and anything else for smooth surface adjustable lays flat more surface cooking. 
You could even cook your steak on the flat surface. The surface is non stick.

Has  cooking options:
dual temperatures controls for grill/paniani and griddle
Reversible plates and goes from Grill to Griddle.

Dishwater safe that the plates only.  Intergrated drip tray that comes out for cleaning and catches the drips from meats and  juices from cooking.
One  things to watch for is if you get liquid or dripping under the places this could be that their might be a crack in the plates and you need to call cuisinart  and get a replacement.

Make sure you keep all the paper work on the grill and register online for the warranty is for 3 years. I just got a replacement dripping got under the plate and  fat burning.

It cost $ 10.00 for them to ship you a new one and you need to return the faulty one and you have to ship it USPS ( its cheaper) $ 9.04 or so under ten dollars. Be sure to keep box that it came in and paper work this way you do not misplace it as you save for 3 years. 

The list of the 5 functions grill
2.panini press
3. full grill
4.full griddle
5.half grill/half griddle ( you turn top place to flat sufface).

This grill has a nice style. sturdy panini-handle adjusts to thickness of food and  handle supports the second plate doubles  the size of food pressing between the plate surface. 

5-in - 1 versatility: just with a switch you can go from grill and panini press to full grill or full griddle or half and half .

Do not use scrubbing wire ruff surface to clean. Just soak in warm water and sponge off and dry. I do not use soaps, baking soda works the best as it clean odor and food smell of Non-Stick surfaces.

USE THE CLEANING AND SCRAPING TOOL INCLOSED: avoids the surface from getting damages and scratched

Cleaning and scraping tool made to not scratch the plates. Use Non-stick surface tools so you do not scratch the plates. The Non-Stick tool are made for cooking and has the protected surfaces for Non-Stick pots and pans and electric appliances .
Easy to read controls .

Indicator lights signal power on and ready to cook
A. selector choose to grill/panini or griddle function
b. grill/panini adjust temperature from "warm to "sear"
c. griddle  the temperature from 200"F to 425"F

D. drip tray collects grease and removes from base to easy cleanup (dishwasher safe)  I just soak in warm water instead of placing plates in dishwasher

E. cleaning scraping tool helps clean grill and griddle plates after cooking - INCLOSED IN BOX

F. plate release buttons just push in the release and remove cooking plates makes sure when you put the place back after cleaning you snap them in place right. clips them in place and you will see one way only to place them . 

G. Hinge release lever allows the cover to extend back for cooking in larger surface and flat position. 

BPA-free : all parts that come in contact with food are BPA-free

3 year warranty save papers reciept, box for 3 years. 800 number you call and you will be charged $ 10.00 they will ship you a new one and you pay to ship the defected one back. any time in the 3 years.

Great recipes in the book they send to operate the grill. I just love mine. Just think you can relax at home grill a great steak or make what you like Panini. So good and the food is hot you do not have to wait in a  restaurant to be served. 

I bought mine at Bed, bath and beyond  20% off coupon register online and they mail you coupons for 20% off monthly and put it toward products you want as this was 109.99 and got it for 79.99. Check it out and save and it was worth every penny. I use it all the time. easy cleanup now and just clean it up and put in away.

I shop for special kitchen appliances and makes me happy in cooking.  I will shop for the holidays and see whats new.  I want a Cuisinart toaster and going shopping soon for I have my 20% off coupon just came in the mail.

Why I bought it and how I use it:

I watch a demo on tv on a satursday night and seen how this grill works. Compare to a restaurant cooked take and home its better. Searing the steak and keeps in moisture as it cooks you will make a better steak. Seasonings is the key to great taste.

 I cook a great steak now and not frying in a skillet. Bacon wrap steak cooks to crispy bacon and perfect cooked steak.  Now making the panini sandwich  is quick and easy. grill side plates you use , spray with some Pam place what ever you like in your sandwich and place it on the grill close lid press and few minutes done . 
a perfect panini.

 Love to make quick and easy breakfast. lay flat the grill flat surface side extra cooking space dial heating setting and cook sausage , bacon, pancake, eggs all at the same time. 
this is just some of my favorite foods to cook on my grill.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 49.99

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