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Jan 17, 2009
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Pros:Packed with useful features, good quality, great warranty. Very rugged and heavy.

Cons:Expensive. Power limited to 40W. You can get a ham radio for the same price.

The Bottom Line: A Terrific base station for the dedicated CB radio operator who wants it all and uses it all!

The DX2517 is the most recent in Galaxy's line of base station radios that cater to the serious radio connosieur. In the early to mid 1990's, Galaxy had made a name for itself with the entry-level Echo, Melaka, SSB, and finally the formidable Galaxy saturn Turbo. The company had reorganised itself since that time, and one of the main things the company had improved was quality control and tech support. All DX series radios from Galaxy are warrantied for 2 years (see packaging) and the company makes a genuine effort to provide tech support to owners of these radios. And this does not end with the 2517: This includes the 44, 77,88, 99- anyone with the DX prefix. There is even a toll-free number for radio owners to get help and information on where the closest authorised Galaxy repair and service is, as well as troubleshooting simple issues with the radio.

Not that you will really need it. The radio itself is a very rugged and well made unit chock full of all the useful features you typically find in a Galaxy radio. The radio has a well-lit display with nice, large meters to display your output, SWR and modulation. The onboard frequency counter is nice, but could use an extra digit or two for SSB enthusiasts who want to make sure they are on "center slot". The audio is great and the receive is good with good adjacent channel rejection and a potent RF gain control. While this radio is shipped from the factory configured for 10 meters only, these are easily modifiable and I have heard that they are able to be setup for 10-12 meter continuous coverage. The ones I have used, however, usually go down to around 25 mhz, right above the 12 meter band which is around 24.9 mHz.

Whatever you do, you do NOT want to transmit on any of the amateur frequencies without a valid ham radio license. The average fine for "bootlegging" is 7500$ per offense! If this isn't enough to dissuade you, the FCC will take your gear as well.

Overall, this is a truly nice radio for someone who is a dedicated CB operator who wants AM, FM and SSB. The radio could come in very handy when/if the user gets his amateur radio license, so he would be able to go on both 10 and 11 meters with it, eliminating the need for having to go out and buy a dedicated amateur transciever. However, some operators might find the cost prohibitive, and some operators use this as a justification to go on eBay and pick up an older 160-10m transciever for around 300$. That might be fine and dandy, but you don't get a warranty with the used radio and if you aren't a ham operator, you can't legally talk on any of the preset bands!

I would recommend this radio to someone who wants a rugged, heavy base station and is a serious CB radio operator. The controls are well marked and easy to use, and the radio is a joy to use. You can't go wrong with Galaxy, and the DX 2517 is the cream of the crop.

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