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Coin Dozer App for iPhone - A free and surprisingly fun App

Dec 19, 2011 (Updated Jan 3, 2012)
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Pros:It's Fun, Free, Great sounds and special effects

Cons:No problems or crashes so far

The Bottom Line: Coin Dozer is a Fun Free app for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

The latest App I tried for my iPhone 4s is Coin Dozer. I loved Coin Dozer right from the start because it reminded me of those arcade games that you play where you insert a coin and then hope for more coins to drop off the edge. This game does a great job of simulating that game. If you have 10 minutes to kill and want something fun to do, Coin Dozer will give you a few smiles.

How I happened to find this App

I try a lot of cell phone Apps because I have a cell phone App called Checkpoints. The Checkpoints App gives me points for trying free Apps, so what have I got to lose. Some of the ones I have tried have ended up being my favorites. The ones I don't like I just delete. If you are interested in trying to get rewards for trying cell phone Apps (and other consumer activities) click here to read my review of CheckPoints

Downloading the App and devices it will work on

This App is completely free. There are some ads at the bottom which do not interfere with game play and do not bother me at all. I noticed there is a "pro" version for 99 cents and I am assuming it takes away the ads, but it does not say so I am not completely sure. but really the ads are not a big deal. It took a few seconds to download the App for my iphone. I think I read that this is also available for android phones so if you don't have an iPhone, see if you can get it for your android phone. I noticed when looking at the app store that this is also available for iPad, so I am definitely going to install the iPad version which is free also. If you are looking for the iPad version search for Coin Dozer and it will come up. At first I tried searching for Coin Dozer HD but I had to remove the HD to find the original Coin Dozer game. Click here if you want to read my iPad 2 review

How to play Coin Dozer

If there was a tutorial or instructions when I downloaded this game I did not notice them, but it was pretty easy to figure out. Tap at the top where the coins would come out and you will see them drop down. You can drop 4 coins in a short time but then have to wait a few seconds for them to reload. You will see white stars appear to let you know that you can send more coins down.

Coins that fall at the bottom of the chute coin, but ones that fall off the sides will be lost. At some higher levels you might be able to get some of the things that fall off the side but in the beginning they are all lost.

Getting more Coins: You start out with a certain amount of coins and get more after a set amount of time. You will see the count down at the top left until another coin appears. When coins go over the edge you will get more coins. Certain special coins will give you bonus coins. 

If you run out of coins you can leave the app open and just wait a few minutes for them to regenerate. They will regenerate to a certain amount depending on what level you are playing. Coins will also regenerate when you are offline, but at a much slower rate. I usually just put the game away when I run out of coins and then the next day I will have a fresh batch waiting!

You can also turn in prizes(see more about prizes below) If you are desperate you can buy coins with real money but I have never felt the need to do this.

Prizes: Besides Coins occasionally a prize will fall in or appear out of nowhere. Certain coins will make prizes appear but some seem to just randomly appear. When the Prize falls over the edge it goes into a holding area. When you get a set of one of each color of that prize you go up in tiers for that prize to a max of 6. Different prizes have different perks. You can click on the bonus symbol in the prize page to see what that prize does for you. Some will make your coins regenerate faster, or certain coins appear more frequently. Others will make walls come up on the sides helping you to gain potentially lost coins. There are ten different prizes and they look like little toys.

If you have extra prizes you can sell them for coins by clicking on the prize you want to sell and then going to the bottom and pressing sell. I did not figure this out until later and was able to sell a lot of prizes. Now I have so many coins I never run out!

Walls: When you get a special turquoise coin that falls down the front, walls will come up on the side. While the walls are up all the coins will fall down in front and be counted, so no lost coins or prizes. The walls only stay up for a little while so make it count and get as many coins as possible.

Special Coins: In the course of play you will see several special coins. Some will make a giant coin drop which will shake the whole app (literally shakes your phone) and the coins will fall off in a big drop. Others will cause a coin shower, or the walls to come up. I will not tell you what each coin means because that is half the fun of the game.

Shake: There is a bar to the right and as you get coins you will get the ability to shake your phone and make the coins all fall into the collection area. Do this when the walls are up and you won't lose any. You can also tap on the shake bar to make this happen but I find that actually shaking the phone works better.

Sounds and Special Effects: Coin dozer is really a fun game to play. Not just to get the coins or points but the App will make fun sounds and vibrate your phone at the right time in order to give you a real arcade experience. This is a game that would not be as much fun with the sound turned down.

Leveling up: As you play the game you will level up when you get a certain amount of XP. You can gain XP each time a coin falls off the front or there are special coins that will give you large amounts of xp. As you level up, you will get more coins and your coins will regenerate faster. Also as you level up it seems that more cool things fall in. I do not know if there is a max level to this game. I am over 100 but it will be sad when I can not get any more new stuff. The good news is that the Game Circus Company has a few other Dozer Games to choose from, so I will be sure to check those out when I max out Coin Dozer.

Final Thoughts

I really love Coin Dozer. It may seem like a silly game until you have tried it. I showed it to my husband and he liked it so much he had me put it on his phone too.

My Favorite Apps

Snoopy's Street Fair
Words with Friends
Coin Dozer
The Sims FreePlay

Thanks for reading my review

If you have any questions or want to comment on your experience with Coin Dozer please add your comments in the comments section.



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