Garden Botanika Oatmeal and Peppermint Soap

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Garden Botanika Oatmeal Peppermint Soap: Where's the Peppermint?

Feb 22, 2003 (Updated Feb 22, 2003)
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Pros:nice round size, oatmeal, inexpensive

Cons:peppermint scent is too faint, skin felt waxy

The Bottom Line: This soap is nothing special, but has potential to be if Garden Botanika would add some scent and get rid of the waxy feel.

One day while I was surfing, I came across the brand Garden Botanika. I had seen the brand listed here on Epinions, but I had never seen it in stores. was offering some sales on some of their products so I decided to pick something out. Not knowing much about this brand, I decided to stay small. I ordered Garden Botanika Oatmeal and Peppermint Soap for around $2.50.

About the Product
If you go looking for this product at, you won't find it. Garden Botanika has gotten rid of the small round soap like here in the picture. It has replaced it with a larger, oval shaped soap. It's the same product, just bigger and more expensive.

Garden Botanika has this to say: Stimulating Peppermint Oil invigorates and enlivens, while natural grains of Bran and Oatmeal buff away rough, dry skin. Hydrating Glycerin moisturizes and protects, leaving skin clean and soft.

Price and Packaging
I was sucked in by the price I paid ~only $2.50! Now if you wish to purchase this soap, you will pay $5.00 for a 4.2 oz. bar. It still isn't super expensive. My soap came shrink wrapped in plastic. There was no box or extra wrapping to deal with. It was nice to see a company that doesn't waste tons of materials on packaging.

I am unable to find a list of ingredients anywhere. They were not even listed on the soap wrapper. I know sensitive skin types may want to be careful of the peppermint. If you have questions or concerns, you may want to contact Garden Botanika's customer care at their website:

My Experience
I was excited when I got this soap. It sounded like it would be a great soap for the winter. The peppermint would be a wonderful pick me up on those gloomy days. The oatmeal would exfoliate and soothe dry skin. I had high expectations.

I opened up the wrapper and saw an off white bar of soap with chunky pieces of oatmeal. I sniffed the bar and could smell only the faintest hint of peppermint. I was a little disappointed at the scent. With peppermint in the name of the soap, I was expecting a stronger scent.

When I went to use it in the shower, I noticed immediately that the small round shape fit very comfortably in my hand. Of course, Garden Botanika has changed the shape to a longer more traditional bar. I lathered up easily. It's a hard bar of soap and needs a little work to get a good lather. It will give you a decent lather, but don't expect piles of lather as you use it. I enjoy a good lather, but I know this bar of soap is not being wasted and will last a while.

As I used the soap, I could not smell the peppermint at all. It actually didn't have much of a scent. At first I couldn't feel the oatmeal either, but as I've used the bar, the oatmeal chunks have become more exposed and I can use the bar to exfoliate. I just rub the soap over my body and the oatmeal chunkies get my skin smooth. It's not quite as effective as using a loofah or scrub. Normally I use body wash with a puff and a couple times a week I use a scrub. I use the soap for mornings I'm in a hurry or just too tired to get out all the different products. It provides mild exfoliation which is good enough for me until I can use my scrub again.

One thing I don't like is how my skin feels after the shower. I feel very clean and smooth, but my skin feels almost too clean. It has that squeaky clean waxy texture to it. I hate that feeling. It makes me want to immediately put lotion on. It doesn't feel like residue left on my skin, but more like my skin is too clean and just feels weird. It's not dry because my skin never feels tight. It's just a weird waxy feeling.

Final Thoughts
Overall I was a little disappointed with this soap. I liked the price and size of the bar. The oatmeal was a nice touch too. But I miss the peppermint and I can't say I enjoy how my skin feels after the shower. I think there are better soaps available.

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