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Jul 6, 2009
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Pros:Very durable and strong adhesive, not expensive, cleans up with water


The Bottom Line: Shur-Stik is an easy to use wallpaper adhesive that has been very reliable for us

My grandmother was a professional wallpaper hanger, and as a child I grew up with wallpaper on nearly every wall of every home we ever lived in.  My mother learned the skill of wallpapering from her mom, and I in turn learned from her. 

I will be the first person to admit that wallpaper was all the rage in the early 1980's, but it's appeal has certainly waned in the past few years or more. 

When we built our home in 1984, I designated certain walls for paint, and others for wallpaper.  I use the paper as an accent, papering just one or two walls in a room, and I really like the look.  When we did a partial remodel of our downstairs bathroom I decided to leave the wallpaper up, because I loved it so much.  However, when we took down our towel bars, there were holes in the wallpaper, and our new towel bars were not going to cover these up.

I found that I still had a small pail of Shur-Stik 785 stored away with all of my wallpapering supplies, and luckily I also had a half roll of leftover wallpaper!  Whew!  I was sweating that one, I didn't want to have to repaper the entire wall,or texturize the wall in preparation for painting.

Shur-Stik is not a new to me product.  I have a friend in Alaska who is a professional painter and wallpaper hanger, and he clued me in to Shur-Stik.  I have used it in tube form to help fix wallpaper seams that were coming loose, and I use it to hang wallpaper.  Even paper that is pre-pasted!  It holds better than the glue that is added to the back of pre-pasted wallpaper.

Shur-Stik comes in a small gallon sized white bucket, with a green label.  The lid is a bit difficult to remove, much like the lids on plastic paint buckets.  It is a glue that is considered "heavy duty", clear and strippable.  It can be used on all all types of wallpapers, and is mold and mildew resistant and cleans up with water.

Shur-Stik is easy to use!  I found the easiest way to use this was to lay my measured and pre-cut length of wallpaper on my dining room table, and because the opening of the container is too small to dip my wooden wallpaper pasting brush into, I pour the Shur-Stik directly onto the wallpaper, then spread it around with the brush.

The Shur-Stik adhesive looks and even smells very similar to Elmer's Glue.  It has a white appearance, but dries clear.  This adhesive needs to be applied in generous amounts, especially along the edge seams of your wallpaper.  Once you have it spread completely and evenly, you book your paper by folding the top and bottom portions of the paper up and over, to meet in the middle of the section.

When I put the length of paper on my wall, the Shur-Stik didn't start to dry immediately, which gave me some time to reposition the paper to match up the pattern on either side of the strip of paper I was working with.  Once in place, the section was smoothed with another style of brush, and the seams were rolled flat with a paper roller. 

Once this process has been completed, this paper is not going anywhere, and I will not be able to move it.  The Shur-Stik adhesive secured the paper to my wall completely!  When using the roller, it is inevitable that some of the adhesive will seep through the edges and get on the paper, but this cleaned up easily with a damp sponge. 

Of course, when I was finished with the bathroom wall, I had to go back to my dining room table and clean up the Shur-Stik adhesive that had dried on my table after the paste was applied to the paper.  Again, this was very easy to clean up with plain warm water and a sponge or soft cloth.  It did take several passes over the table to remove all of the dried on Shur-Stik, but it all came off quite easily.  No real elbow grease was needed.

The manufacturer of Shur-Stik, Gardner-Gibson, claims that this product is strippable (no priming is needed for future wallpaper removal).  I can't verify that because I have not removed any wallpaper that had been applied with Shur-Stik.  When we remodeled our kitchen we re-papered our walls, but since the old paper was so well stuck, even at the seams, we just papered over it.  That is a testament to how well Shur-Stik works!

The gallon size is not real expensive, about $10.00, and if you are into wallpaper, Shur-Stikis worth the cost.  I highly recommend Shur-Stik. 

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