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May 2, 2008
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Pros:Good, garlic aroma. It works. Multiple benefits.

Cons:Applications must be repeated frequently.

The Bottom Line: Here's a benign product that works without toxins. It's worth the trouble of repeated applications. Works even better with a cayenne pepper chaser.

Spring is in the air. It’s in the ground and all around. The daffodils and crocuses have bloomed, and now the azaleas brighten Spud Acres with their springtime color. Many of the bulbs are emerging from their winter’s slumber looking robust and green. The vista of the Asia lilies, daylilies, tiger lilies, hostas, tulips, butterfly bushes, and numerous forgotten perennials reappearing in the spring is a delight to the senses and the spirit. With the beauty of the flowers come the pollinating bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, gold finches and other natural treasures. Unfortunately the young greenery, especially the lush hosta, also attract the deer. Today I noticed some pieces of hosta leaves, in a front yard bed, half leaves, and even leafless stalks, the young leaves hungrily devoured. Bambi has returned. The truce is broken. It’s time to bring out the weaponry.

This Spudman is not about to stand by helplessly while the horde of deer living in the nearby woods slink across the street at night. There are any number of deer repellents available, though most are not inexpensive. Mostly I prefer the cheap, home remedies like to dissuade the deer. I’ve read that deer dislike raw eggs, human hair, cayenne pepper, curry powder, fox or coyote urine (apparently the urine of Piper and Evie doesn’t frighten them) human urine, soap bars, and garlic. Also plants like lavender, pungent herbs, foxglove and butterfly weed are distasteful to deer. I’ve had some success using Garlic Pharm, a 100% pure garlic oil product from Pharm Solutions.

Pharm Solutions

Pharm Solutions has created a line of environmentally safe products including insecticides, pesticides, miticides, fungicides, and foliar feeders. The consumer now has access to organic solutions for pests and plant disease. Most of us welcome these natural alternatives, devoid of toxic chemicals, and the dangers of exposure to them. Why risk creating the next mutant potato, or worse yet becoming one!
Among the selections offered by Pharm Solutions are: rose pharm, veggie pharm, indoor pharm, fungus pharm, flower pharm, weed pharm, fish pharm, and GARLIC PHARM.

Garlic Pharm

I buy Garlic Pharm in the thirteen dollar, 35 ounce, spray bottle from the master gardening. Garlic Pharm is also available in half gallon and gallon size concentrate. Garlic Pharm repels insects, birds and animals. The manufacturer advises using it in between applications of insecticidal soaps. The garlic scent dissipates quickly for humans but lingers for the insects and pesky critters. Spray a fine mist at dusk on the plants needing protection, repeating the application after a rain.
Pure garlic oil is said to also control powdery mildew, blackspot, and rust.
This all natural and biodegradable product is designated as all natural and 100% pure. It is not 100% garlic oil however.
Active ingredients: 3.8% pure garlic oil
Inert ingredients: USP grade potassium bicarbonate, BHT, ascorbic acid, and natural food color 7.5%. Water 88.7%.

Garlic Pharm in the Field

I start using Garlic Pharm on the front yard hosta and the flowers on the land parcel fronting the road and across from the deer habitat. Since the four foot fence enclosing the back doesn’t deter them, I also treat the hosta and deer attracting flowers in the back yard.

The nozzle on the bottle is adjustable from a fine spray to a stream, and I, of course, always use the fine spray setting to make the Garlic Pharm last longer. Sometimes when the bottle is half empty, I’ll add some garlic powder (bought cheaply at Ollie’s Bargain Store) and water to get even more sprays out of the original bottle. If one has many plants to treat, the two pound bottle can quickly become heavy in one’s hand.
For the most part the Garlic Pharm does the trick. To add to its dissuasive properties, I sometimes follow up the garlic spritz with a sprinkling of cayenne pepper. As long as I spray routinely, especially after a rain, the deer stay away. Unfortunately I sometimes forget, and the deer seize the opportunity.
Looking for a benign pest deterrent that also controls, mildew, rust, and blackspot on your plants? Try Garlic Pharm, friendly to the environment, unfriendly to deer and other furry pests.

Do not use indoors.
Contains no alcohol or anti-microbial
Do not drink.
Protect from freezing.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Effectiveness as a vampire deterrent has not been determined. Research is ongoing.

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