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GARMIN (010-00270-02 Version)

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A great concept in its second generation

Jan 14, 2005 (Updated Mar 30, 2007)
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Pros:Awesome concept, great execution, seamless radio/GPS interface.

Cons:Legendary Garmin crappy GPS reception. Little memory for custom maps.

The Bottom Line: A good buy, and a good concept if it serves your needs. A separate purchase might be more practical for most.

My other reviews on GPSs focus on Magellans, which I consider to be a superior product with better satellite signal processing. That said, the Garmin Rhino 120 has won me over with the basic concept. A FRS/GMRS radio with dozens of great features and a robust GPS system is an excellent idea.

The operating system for the GPS portion is well thought out and has options for customizing as desired. Mapping, computer interfaces, and button placement is all quite good. Once again, I will say that the satellite reception is poorer than Magellan's even with the quadrifilar helix antenna. The available memory is limited to 8MB. Not much. Not when Magellans have a SD card reader that can hold hundreds.

The radio portion has a very nice graphical interface, making operation easy. Privacy codes, voice scramble, vibrating alert, scan, etc are all there. Range is good, and the signal processing allows conversations even over heavy static. Most normal radios would cut out unless the monitor button is pushed.

The best part, and the part that has won me over to buying a Garmin is the radio/GPS interface. Seamless integration allows data transfer over FRS freqs. This includes requesting someone else's position, broadcasting your position to selected persons, to all people, broadcasting a waypoint, and included in that, a short text message. VERY handy in a situation where you are trying to link two or more groups or maintain command and control over a 1/2 mi radius.

This unit is waterproof since it has the GPS in it, making it useful for hard-core outdoor use. Has input for boom/throat mics, allowing it to be packed away. Has a number of points where a lanyard can be attached. Has a belt clip.

UPDATE 30MAR07: About a year ago I saw an FCC decision that allows the Garmin Rinos to transmit position info over the GMRS channels. Much more range, which makes this piece of equipment an even better deal.

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