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Jul 9, 2009
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Pros:Screen, 3d mapping, directions, stereo bluetooth,  tunes, cell phone adaptability. SIMPLE

Cons:Doesn't work with i-tunes for music, map detail when using the map seach function.

The Bottom Line: Worthwhile, but get a stereo bluetooth headset for the hemlet to really enjoy all the features.  Overpriced, but really has no rivals for features.  Prefer it to the 550.

The previous review had me wondering if I had the same unit?

GPS installation.

Installed the ram mount, on my Kawi V at the Clutch clamp.  Very easy.  Ran the power cord myself, crimped ring terminals to the ends, and used the line fuse to protect it so it could go straight onto the battery. 

Initial power up, it found its position faster than any other GPS I have used. (Aviation, Marine, auto, hiking)  Quite impressed.


I don't doubt the other reviewer's issues, but for me it went easy as pie.  I had zero prior experience with bluetooth.

1st paired i-phone to the unit.  Followed the instructions, worked flawlessly in a matter of seconds.  Imports the phone book, has a quick touch button to dial home.

2nd paired my chatterbox xbi2 bluetooth speaker/mic set.  Again read the directions, took less than a minute, worked perfectly the first time.  The xbi2 is a a2dp stereo bluetooth device, and I bought it at the same time as the GPS.

Initial ride.

GPS, worked same as my cars nuvi.  Dead simple.  Screen works easy with gloves on.  Map redraw was quickest I've seen with a garmin product.

Stereo, MP3 player.  Took me a little bit more to get set up.  Only disappointment here is that the player won't work with i-tunes.  Had to get a cheap ad-on to my microsoft windows music player to allow me to rip MP3's, as it doesn't recognize files from i-tunes.  However once I had the ability to rip my cd's to Mp3's, importing them onto the device was dead simple.  The stereo playback is very good via the bluetooth set up I have with my helmet speaker/mic set.

Cell phone.  Awesome.  I need to be on call with my job some days, and wouldn't use the bike on my 'on call' days.  Now I can.  Works perfect for me.  This alone justified the purchase for me.

Only recomendation I would make is when using the unit, take it out in the car and give it a long drive and a good charge.  When the battery is not getting charged while turned on a background hum emits.  If it is charging, or charged it is silent.

I think the other poster makes some excellent suggestions.  I agree that the details with roads should be greater when on the move.  Overall, I have had a very positive experience with the 660.  Directions for installing, and using were simple and error free.  My initial rides have been blissful with stereo, and cell access.  Navigation to an entered address has been simple, however if you are using the touch feature to find a point on the map to goto, the lack of detail makes it frustrating.  I have no desire for the security lock for theft as I wouldn't trust it anyway.  However having a second threaded lock to protect the unit from accidental ejection would be a good idea imho.  SMS on screen would be nice, but jeez, its a motorcycle unit...just not a priority for me.

I'd give the unit a 7.5/10 with the potential to be a 10/10 if garmin does some software updating. 

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