Gas X Maximum Strength Antigas Softgel 50 Softgels

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Relieves Gas FAST

Jun 21, 2005 (Updated Aug 17, 2006)
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Pros:Gets rid of the gas, FAST.

Cons:None. Absolutely none.

The Bottom Line: Gas pain sufferers listen up, get Gas-X, it WORKS!

How many of you have suffered with excess gas? The kind that makes you bloated and uncomfortable, and in my case causes nearly unbearable stomach pains? I get this condition only occasionally, but because it can be so painful, I keep a supply of Gas-X products in my medicine cabinet at all times!

I used to use Gas-X Extra Strength, (it contains 125 mg. of simethicone, the active ingredient). These used to be available in a chewable form (which I prefer as it gets into my system even faster), but within the last year I have only been able to find Gas-X products in the small softgel form. And now there is an even better product on the market, Gas-X Maximum Strength Antigas Softgels. The pills are very small, about 1/4" in length, and are very easy to swallow. If you are someone who hates the chalky taste of chewable stomach medicines, this is for you. Simply take 1 or 2 pills as needed (the package does caution the user not to take more than 4 in a 24 hour period), and you are on your way to relief from those nasty gas pains! The pills are sealed in blister packets and are very easy to push out.

I will never be without this product in my house again! It works fast, and it is the only thing that works for me when gas is the problem for my stomach pains. I have tried Tums, Maalox, and other stomach remedies before, but if you are targeting GAS pains, you want the ingredient in Gas-X: SIMETHICONE. Antacids don't do a thing for me when I have excess gas.

This morning a 7 year old boy that I babysit came to my home complaining that he was starving and that his stomach hurt. He ate one half of his cereal, and literally crawled from the kitchen table to my couch ... on his hands and knees. He was in so much pain! He felt a little bit better when he drew his knees up in the fetal position, which told me that he was most likely suffering from gas. The pain was right in the middle of his stomach. Babies have this problem quite often, and it is referred to as colic. What do Dr's give babies with colic? You guessed it, simethicone, (in liquid drops).

I called the mom of this boy and told her what his symptoms were, and she gave me verbal approval to give him some Gas-X. I looked at the directions for my 125 mg. pills and it said for adults to take 1-2 pills. There were no directions for a child. I called my Dr. and asked her (luckily I babysit her son too and we are good friends!). She said with his weight he could take one pill. So I gave this boy one Gas-X Softgel (125 mg). His pains were so bad that he could hardly sit up to swallow the pill ... but 20 minutes after taking it he is up and around and is feeling perfectly fine! This stuff is a miracle!

I love the fact that this product is sodium free, and I keep a supply of Gas-X Maximum Strength Antigas Softgels on hand. I still have a few pills left from my 60 count box of Gas-X Extra Strength, but will continue to buy the Maximum Strength Gas-X (166 mg simethicone) in the future.

You may think that this product is expensive, and I thought so the first time I purchased it as well. A box of 50 Maximum Strength softgels costs around $12.00 at my local supermarket, but they are worth every penny.
You can also find simethicone in the generic form, but I cannot vouch for these products because I use Gas-X (because it works and I stick with what works!).

Final Thoughts
I would not be without Gas-X products in my home. They are a life saver! I have never experienced any side effects, and they work FAST. Usually within 15 minutes I am starting to feel better.

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