Gatorade Sports Drink, Glacier Freeze, 20 oz Plastic Bottles, 24 Carton (Gatorade) (52000324860) Reviews
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Gatorade Sports Drink, Glacier Freeze, 20 oz Plastic Bottles, 24 Carton (Gatorade) (52000324860)

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Jun 26, 2013 (Updated Jun 27, 2013)
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Pros:A cool refreshing flavor and a beverage that hydrates

Cons:full of salt, sugar, and calories.

The Bottom Line: Overall, I would recommend this product to athletes and to people who visit the gym on a regular basis.

From time to time, especially in the summer months, I will purchase Gatorade Sports Drink, Glacier Freeze, 20 oz Plastic Bottles, 24 Carton (Gatorade) (52000324860) for personal consumption and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with this product.

To begin, this beverage has an excellent flavor and actually tastes like what the manufacturers said that it should taste like-glacier freeze.  This is a rarity in the beverage world.  I mean how many times have you ordered say a cherry coke and the soda tastes nothing like cherries?  Well with Glacier Freeze Gatorade that will definitely not be the case.  It actually tastes like Glacier Freeze which is nice for a change.

Second, this particular Gatorade is easy to drink.  It doesn’t matter if you are one of those people who sips Gatorade or one that just chugs it down; either way you will find this beverage extremely easy to drink and enjoy.

Third, this particular Gatorade is extremely refreshing.  It has a nice balance of nutrients and supplements in it replenish your body and to “recharge your batteries.”  It also contains a considerable amount of water to help rehydrate your body and to help ward off things like heat exhaustion.

That brings me to my next point; Gatorade is great on a hot day.  I use to work outside in a very hot climate and what I would do is blend in 1 bottle of Gatorade Glacier Freeze with 3 liters of water and then drink that mixture all day.  The mixture kept me going strong and hydrated even on the hottest of days while doing the toughest of jobs.

Fifth, Gatorade does way more for your body then just drinking water.  Does water hydrate? Yes of course but does water also replenish nutrients in your body? NO.  That is where Gatorade comes in.  Gatorade not only hydrates but replenishes nutrients as well making it the all inclusive hydration beverage and a one stop shop on a hot summer day.

There are however some cons associated with this product.  To begin, there are many studies out there as well as doctors who have documented proof to back up the assertion that Gatorade only really needs to be drank by people like professional athletes.  Gatorade was intended to be an athletic drink designed to rehydrate people after an extreme workout like playing an NFL game; not by the guy or gal lounging on the couch or sitting at their desk.

Second, Gatorade does contain a copious amount of salt and doctors have also show salt to be detrimental to heart health amongst other things.  Sodium is also in like everything that we eat so this product only further compounds our daily salt intake compromising our overall health.

Third, Gatorade does contain a lot of sugar to help sweeten it.  Worse, there is no diet version of Gatorade; hence one cannot find a sugar free Gatorade.  So if you want Gatorade, you will have to be willing to take the sugar that comes along with drinking the beverage.

Gatorade is also not a calorie free beverage.  Instead Gatorade contains about 50 to 60 calories per 8 fluid ounces.  Hence by drinking a bottle of this size you are easily drinking well over 100 calories without really even knowing it.

Fifth, there is nothing natural about Gatorade. Gatorade is made in a lab of man made things hence it has this artificial taste to it that tends to leave a funky aftertaste in your mouth following the consumption of it.  The only good thing is that the funky aftertaste tends to go away rather quickly.
Furthermore, we need to discuss the “mystery flavor” of this particular beverage.  Like its counterpart Gatorade Cool Blue, Gatorade Glacier Freeze has this “mystery flavor” that is next to impossible to describe.  It doesn’t taste anything like fruit. It doesn’t taste anything like vegetables.  In fact, it doesn’t really taste like anything that you have ever tasted before in your life.  So what does it taste like? Well like Gatorade Cool Blue, Glacier Freeze tastes like one of those bad frozen ice pops that your mom use to buy for you when you were a child.  As for what gives this beverage its flavor.  I really cannot tell you too much but I do know one thing for certain-that whatever is flavoring this beverage is of an artificial origin.

Finally, be careful with how you consume this product and how you store it.  Many people do not know this but Gatorade stains things. If you spill it on the carpet or on a chair it will leave behind a stain and that stain will be very difficult to get out. 

Overall, I would recommend this product to all athletes and to people who frequent the gym on a regular basis.

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