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Gator Cases Gc Jumbo Guitar Case (716408501048)

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Gator ABS Hardshell Guitar Case for Jumbo Guitars

Apr 8, 2008
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Pros:Solid, durable, economical


The Bottom Line: A great hard shell ABS plastic case for your Jumbo guitar. Quality workmanship and economical protection.

Gator ABS Hardshell Guitar Case - Jumbo style

Sometimes you need to buy a guitar case. Whether the original one that came with your guitar just wears out or you buy a used instrument sans case, any guitar worth keeping is worth protecting.

Besides hard knocks, a case protects an all wood guitar against temperature and humidity swings that could warp or crack the fine solid woods if they were exposed to the changes too rapidly.

I bought a Jumbo style guitar without case and headed down to the music dealer to get one. After looking a what was available, I chose this Gator ABS molded case. The Jumbo is one of two common styles of full size guitars, the other type being Dreadnought, and they differ in the shape of their bodies so the case is different.

The Jumbo is curvy and the Dreadnought is more squarish with a thicker waist. So make sure which type you have when buying a case.

A hard shell case like this ABS plastic one from Gator makes a nice accessory to a good guitar. I have a couple of Gator cases in my battery and they are super nice and durable and I would guess from examining them offer extra crush strength over the old fashioned plywood and leatherette construction typical in hard shell case construction.

The case is fitted to the Jumbo style of guitar. That is the guitar of the largest size with the curvy bouts.

The interior of the case is lined with protective foam and deep plush to cushion the guitar and the lid has an extra layer of cushioning under the plush to hold the guitar securely in place. Under the neck of the guitar is a hinged compartment for your accessories - picks, slides, and extra strings.

The exterior of the case is molded of solid ABS plastic, which is high impact but flexible. Around the opening is a heavy duty aluminum lip that fits together from both sides making a tight seal. It also aids in stiffening the case.

The handle is through-bolted through the aluminum lip for extra strength. You won't pull this handle off!

There are four latches to hold the case closed and one has a lock, each is heavily chrome plated. There are bumpers on three sides of the case. Whether you set in upright, on the bottom or on the side, it has feet underneath it.

All hardware is black powder coated, except the valance (aluminum lip) which is used to seal the two halves of the case together.

For all the solidity and strength, the Gator case is quite light.

The Gator case comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Don't risk leaving your guitar out to get knocked around and exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Get a case and take care of your cherished instrument.

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