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GE 29869GE2 Digital Answering Machine

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Oct 6, 2010
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Pros:Sturdy, light weight and full of features that work.

Cons:Hard to read for me and not too easy to open battery compartment.

The Bottom Line: A really good investment which keeps paying for itself over the years.  Really good.

Buying an answering machine for my land line phone connection is one of those decisions in life that I am proud to have made. In my eyes, it is a money saving investment which pays for itself over and over the years.

My first answering device bought at Radio Shack more than 20 years ago, (I kid you not), worked for just about 15 years straight without a problem. Finally, it gave up the ghost and I bought a second one at Radio Shack, but alas, it did not last even 2 years.

So I decided to try the voice mail from my local provider which should have worked fine but I never would get the messages until the next day, if then. That in addition to the money I was spending for the service quickly adding up I decided to go back to answering machine mode.

Now I'm into the internet and where would I go for the latest in answering machines? Why Epinions of course! That's where I go for just about everything which needs to be researched. What I have learned from Epinions over the years has set a new experience in life for me - researching product reviews and THEN, making a decision.

Well, anyway, here is my review on the GE#29869GE2 Answering Machine. Now in it's 10th year of continuous use, it is as dependable and reliable as the first day I bought it. Coming with it's own a/c power supply, it has not missed a beat yet in all this time. I get all of my messages clear and crisp as they are coming in through the screening device. When I call in on my number, I can hear the messages quite distinctly, none of that "far away in another room" echo sound. Just great!

There is more than enough finger moving distance on the face of the device to enable either a man's or lady's finger to move about without accidentally touching another button and doing something not intended. (This is very important for a clumsy person such as myself). I'm usually sticking my foot into something but in this case it's my finger pushing the wrong button.

This system carries 4 voice mail boxes which have a "message move" feature which facilitates for the user the moving of messages from one mailbox to another. It's "memo message" function also permits the user to leave a memo for someone else in another mailbox. Mind you, all of these features usually come in office strength quality answering machine systems, not in your regular home system.

It's two greetings option plus a default message makes for easy switching between the greetings.

As far as the actual set up of the machine, (time, date, rings to answer, etc.) this is never as simple for such a non-techie person as myself would like. But it's not hard either. I just have my little manual alongside of the machine for refreshing on the use of the thing.

This model answering machine has way many more features that I know I will ever need and is a very nice addition to any home office set up. Light weight but yet very sturdy, it is small enough to fit just about anywhere.


Color is gray on black which is not my favorite thing in life. Okay, that's minor but not for me as I can barely see the function options. The voice quality is just as clear as I've heard on other machines and is more than adequate.

If the power goes, so does the backup power of it's battery. It's suppose to keep running off of it's 9 volt battery but sometimes, the thing just doesn't want to kick in.

This inadvertently causes another situation. The battery compartment is almost inaccessible. Prepare yourself for frustration in what should be an easy and quick procedure. The screw just doesn't screw itself adequately in the groove in order to open or close the compartment. Finally, I just decided to keep the little door off and tape it on.

I can find no other problem other than the battery changing experience and the GE 29869 has up to now shown itself to be holding it's own in the area of dependability. Make no mistake. This is a really good investment.

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