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George Foreman GR11WSP3 Indoor Grill

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Dec 11, 2008 (Updated Dec 11, 2008)
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Pros:small, healthy

Cons:slow, bland taste, messy, hard to clean

The Bottom Line: Bland taste, slow, messy, hard to clean. Horrible customer support. Endless models are impossible to compare. Just like GM. They've totally forgotten the consumer.

I had one of these for a few years until it died and now that I got a new more sophisticated one- I'm sorry I got it cause it belongs to a corporation that hates consumers.
But first a note-
In todays corporate world where it seems that the large corporations care about everything but the consumer - I wanted in this review to focus not just on the product but on the uncaring corporation behind it that will be responsible to help us customers if anything goes wrong.

The griller is basic and makes mediocre food. It's hard to clean. (Today they have a lot of new grillers whose plates can be taken of and can be dishwashed which is easier than cleaning this plate which has to be cleaned very carefully both not to damage the gentle teflon and not get water in the electrical circuits that will burn the machine. ). Some of the cooking in it is messy, and slow even relative to a toaster. But the advantages are that it's a small device, perfect for a small kitchen and while the taste is bland and dry- it does cook with much less calories for those watching their weight.
That said, I had this device for a few years and while it wasn't used a lot it came in handy from time to time and did it's job. Whenever I wanted that grilled feel I could plug this one in and since it's small I could always tuck it away relatively easy.

The reason I would suggest readers to consider this company's competitors is cause I found that this company stopped caring.
Like GM they've created endless amounts of products with similar and confusing names so it's impossible to compare.
The website both for the Foreman grill and for the company that makes it is even more confusing. The names of the grills on the Foreman's official website are different from the names on different other websites that actually sell the product.
Moreover- the official website has a phone number of Fox-International that is apperently the corporate that makes it (Even thought on some models it says SALTON CORPORATION)
Foreman grill is hard to find on the FOX-INTERNATIONAL website ( I couldn't find it at all, but it must be there hiding somewhere)
FOX-INTERNATIONAL is a corporate that has many companies including DELONGHI, BLACK AND DECKER etc...
When you call FOX INTERNATIONAL they are impatient, not helpful and send you to their website which is even less helpful.
I emailed both foreman and fox-international customer support and got a generic email response that I should just log on to the Fox International Website and get all info there.

So my assumption is that if you will have a problem with this grill and you didn't purchase it from a large retailer like Best Buy, Target etc... and if you didn't buy an extended warranty you might have problems trying to find someone that you can contact and talk it with.

For pannini's and sandwhiches I'd recommend a pannini griller made by other companies. (Although ironically I've discovered that many of those companies as well are owned by Salton and/or Fox-International - but again as I mentioned it's the same...)

The sandwiches came out decent but the taste is better when the plates are constructed different- like the Pannini makers - much deeper blades. The paninni plates are harder to clean- but the taste is so much better.

For more info log on to : to try to find information about the grill (I was not succesful, so even thought they are the manufacturer they don't mention the Foreman grill)
 or go to Foreman's grill own website that has partial info and has a number to call (But then you'll be back with Fox International).

To summarize.
Decent product.
I feel the Foreman grill has gone the way of General Motors- it started with a lot of good intentions and a fine product- but now is lost in a huge corporation where this is just one of endless products that no one really cares about and has "no daddy".
They keep churning out lots of new products with lots of confusing names and so the consumer is lost trying to figure out what's the difference and why do they need so many different but so similar models.

I'm tired of these type of corporations. I've decided after all that's happening that I'm only supporting from now on companies that care about me as a client.

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