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George Foreman GRP4P Indoor Grill

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Very simple, Very easy Thanks George

Feb 10, 2007 (Updated Aug 12, 2007)
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Pros:Easy cleanup, foolproof heat setting, large capacity.

Cons:The whole unit gets pretty hot, so be careful when touching it.

The Bottom Line: Like to grill? Don't like the mess? This simple to use unit is ideal.

I think there are many more models of the George Foreman grills then he has sons named George, which is saying something.

I replaced my original small Foreman grill with this one, having worn out the non-stick finish, and wanting one with larger capacity.I used my first one for many years.

The things I love about this grill are these:
- heat settings are fool proof- one setting only!
- cleanup is easy, since the plates are removable
- slanted design allows grease to run off
- cooking both sides more than halves cooking time
- large size make it usable for company
- little spatter since it is closed most of the time

This unit is big enough for two large sandwiches, 3 or 4 burgers, 7 or 8 sausages, 12 hot dogs, a plate full of veggies, or 3 or 4 chicken breasts or pork chops. I have also used it for steak. It is better than an outside grill for many things, plus you can use it year round. The constant heat setting and lack of an open flame is what makes it better than a grill for some things. Chicken for instance, tends to burn on a grill, when the fat runs off. Not so with this appliance, since there is no open flame. It does just as good a job of grilling as a conventional outside grill.

Operating it is simple. Close the lid, plug it in, and wait for the one big light in the middle to turn off. Open the lid, put in your food, and close it again. That is it. Burning anything is difficult to do, and things cook uniformly and quickly. The body will get hot, so use care when opening it. The handles stay cool. Be patient while waiting for the temperature to be reached. It does take a fairly long time for this to occur. I have started using it before this happens, especially if I am cooking frozen patties of turkey or salmon. Starting to cook a frozen item 'early' may actually be a better thing to do, since you are less likely to overcook something that way.

It is a full 12 inches across, comes with a tray to catch grease runoff, and has a scraper to remove stuck on bits from between the grooves. The top and bottom plates come off, and are top rack dishwasher safe. I find that with the non-stick finish they are easy to clean in the sink.

I often turn things I am cooking a couple of times to get a nice cross-hatch design. Making hot dogs or sausages it especially fun. I score them at an angle, and make a shallow cut from one end to the other. As they cook they open up and look very nice. Kids particularly like this method. By the way, this unit has a large floating hinge, which means that it swings up on the fixed, or hinged side, to accomodate thicker items, like a big three cheese and tomato sandwich. You cannot fit a leg of lamb on it, but certainly a nice big steak works.

The heat is not variable, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The temperature is just right for anything I have tried. While you cook it will continue to adjust the heat to maintain the correct temperature level.

Use the drip pans when cooking anything that will release liquids. The whole idea of this grill is that the fats will run off of the grill, and collect in the drip pans. Expect that most things you grill will have grease runoff, and be careful where you place the machine. You may find grease dripping on a surface that is hard to clean. When cleaning you need to pay attention to the front edge, where the liquid/grease will run off and into the drip pan.

I find the two grill surfaces easy to remove, and easy to clean. To remove them you press and hold a tab on each side and they come off easily.

The non-stick finish is holding up better than my original grill. I especially like the ability to remove the upper and lower heat plates to clean them. The scraper works well also, to remove any stuck on bits between the grates.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this appliance, and have not been disappointed with any aspect of it.

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Amount Paid (US$): 60

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