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George Foreman GRP4P Indoor Grill

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Abracadabra Presto, George Foreman Disappears.

Jul 29, 2008
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Pros:Variable heat and easy to clean, and versatility.

Cons:You still have to deal with a hot grease afterwards.

The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend this to any college student or person on the road.

When I was on the road traveling from job to job, I had the George Foreman Grill and basically I used it for cooking hamburgers and steaks. I found this particular Presto Cool Touch Indoor Grill at Sears for $25. You can find this online for approximately $10 more plus shipping and handling. I have found that the versatility of this grill is more than that of the George Foreman Grill. There are several other uses that this is good for instead of just steaks and hamburgers or any kind of meat.

This grill measures 3 1/2 inches in height by 13" x 24" and weighs approximately 8 pounds. The cooking surface is a lot bigger than the George Foreman Grill and the dimensions on that are; 20" x 11" in diameter. This has a raised edge all the way around the top surface and is sloped toward the front so that the grease can go into a removable tray. There is a removable thermostat probe that you stick in the right upper hand corner of this grill that has a cooking temperature of up to 400. The frame and outer edge of this grill will stay cool, while in use. This way, there is no chance of you making any indirect contact and getting burnt.

This has an extra large cooking surface, so that you can cook several items at one time. The top is made up of heavy cast aluminum and is coated with Teflon, with the raised edge in the back, and the sloped surface, this will allow the grease to flow into a removable tray for easy disposal. There is a very nice thermostat probe that you insert so that you can cook just about anything up to 400F.

When I was on the road, going from plant to plant it was always hard to find a place that had a kitchenette. It just made my life a lot simpler taking this with me, that way I could stay at any hotel that I wanted to, cook my meals in doors instead of going out to eat all the time. This is more versatile than the foreman grill, because on the George Foreman grill you could not cook pancakes or eggs, as to the foreman grill was pretty limited to steaks and meats. I have also found myself cooking grilled cheese sandwiches for my daughter because she loves them so much.

This product is very durable; you can submerse the whole thing in warm water, rinse and dry thoroughly without worrying about any shock the next time that you use it. You should remember to use only one plastic, rubber, or nylon utensils on the surface of this grill. If you do happen to forget to remove the thermostat from the side of this grill, all you have to do is let it dry out for a few days and it should keep working. The frame stays cool on three sides, along with the handles so you will not have to worry about burning yourself. You should not have to use any sprays or oil or nonstick spray on the surface of this grill. The Teflon coating that this is coated with has been good enough to keep everything from sticking. This also is dishwasher safe, I have put it in the dishwasher, and it has come out sparkling clean and worked every time after that. As for the storage, this is not very tall, but it is longer than wider so you might have a problem storing it somewhere.

This product does have a limited one-year warranty. But, I do not think you will have to even worry about using the warranty because I have had mine for a couple of years and have had no problems with any thing on it or pertaining to it.

I would highly recommend this for that college student to take on the road, when it is their first time away from home, they can use this for cooking in the room. Even if you are just going on vacation and you do not want to go out to eat, it is a lot easier to find a hotel room by itself rather than one with a kitchenette. The added feature of controlling the temperature is probably the best feature on this. You can wipe it clean with just a towel if you wish.

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Amount Paid (US$): $25

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