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George Foreman GRP94WR Indoor Grill

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George Foreman Indoor Grill. ......Let's get this party started!!!!!

Jul 11, 2011
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Pros:Excellent grilling companion you can take anywhere.

Cons:Very happy...none

The Bottom Line: This is a must for any household, great for quick healthy snacks or full meals.

When you’re out beating myself in 90 degree heat or whether you’re just coming in from plowing snow for two days straight seeing my George Foreman GRP94WR G4 Nonstick Indoor Grill, on my kitchen counter is a God Send. The first time I used it I stuff 4 grilled cheese sandwiches in me they were so good. Now when I make them is with Sharp cheddar from Wisconsin and I get me a third of a stick of salted butter and melt it in my microwave and brush it on my bread before lowering the top. The best grilled cheese this side of the Mississippi With the four dishwasher safe plates that totally make 84 cubic inches of cooking space. Say if you’re cooking and you all want to eat together you can make 4 serving on this indoor grill with no problems.

On the weekends Brutus always points to the sirloin quarter pound hamburger patties I get made special for me and the big dawg. They are 93 percent pure sirloin steak grounded up just the way I like them. When cooking them and you angle the grill up in back you see tiny beads of fat and water going down the tray. I never had a George Foreman Grill before last year, but I see why they are one of the best sellers. There is this floatation hinge that eases its way down as the hamburgers cook to provide equal amounts of cooking on both sides. With the variable heat settings you can basically cook anything on it. How about some shrimp on the Barbie, peel and wash the shrimp and in a bowl have your seasonings and just before you put the top down sprayed some Lemon juice on them, just enough to wet the spices. With the 84 cubic inches you will be able to put 20 shrimp on the grill. The heat just under medium for 5 minutes, no cocktail sauce needed. With the cooled grill plate handles just taking the shrimp off the plate and putting a fresh patch on will keep the party goings.

 I really haven’t got mine all that dirty enough except a couple times to put in the dishwasher, but I see no harm to them as I pull them out. Even as they get older nothing sticks to the heating plates. Another nice habit I put myself into is cutting chicken breasts into filets, sprinkling some Italian seasoning on them and when their finished slicing them up for my chefs salad. With me turning the grill on high and searing a couple nice and thick New York Strip Steaks at the start, then lowering the heat so they cook evenly to get that juiciest medium rare you ever tasted. People tell me I need to watch my diet, in which I do in some cases but when was the last time you seen a waiter going to a casket giving a corpse a New York Strip Steak. Make mine 2 inches thick please with plenty of butter mushrooms and onions. The body and the plates are Red Die Cast Aluminum and it weighs almost 14 pounds just by holding it, It’s funny how they took the backward approach of the off side being on the left and High being on the right, all other ovens are the opposite 

Overall: The George Foreman’s G4 Indoor Grill is a very nice machine that also will guide you into eating healthier, but you have to make that decision. For scrumptious food without using butters or oils and a easy to grab handle, you can take this grill anywhere!!! 

Thanks for reading!!!

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