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Mar 30, 2005 (Updated Feb 15, 2007)
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Pros:Compact, cheap, fast, lightweight.

Cons:Non-stick is not durable. Hard to clean

The Bottom Line: One of the few single purpose items I would recommend. Does what's it's designed to very well.

UPDATE: While I loved this unit for the actual grilling it did, I hated the fact that it became increasingly hard to clean. The "non-stick" finish just was not quite, non-stick that is. It wore off pretty quickly. Still, overall I loved this thing so much that I replaced it with a bigger one recently. Now I can start the cycle of having the non-stick finish wear off, while grilling much more food at a time. Plus, the new one has a larger floating hinge, to hold bigger items.

Clearly, George stopped boxing before sustaining any brain damage. Even if he is just the spokesman, and not the designer of this wonderful appliance, he is smart.

This small, simple, multi-use device is a wonder. You plug it in, wait for the orange light to come on, telling you it is heated up fully, and stick something inside. Cooking something that's greasy? Slide the little plastic grease tray under the front. It comes with two of them, and a nice plastic scraper that's designed to help clean the grill surface.
It also comes with plastic feet covers, that you can slip over the front feet to raise it up to be more level. Not everything you might cook in here needs to be greasy you know.

Want big and complicated? Need to have a confusing bunch of controls to be happy? Like to read a big manual before figuring out how to use something? This is not for you! Having one of those low-functioning days? Just want something simple to make a couple of chicken breasts on? Need to grill without going outside? This is your answer.

Grab yourself some Nathan's hot dogs, or some spicy Italian sausage. Maybe make yourself a grilled 3-cheese & tomato sandwich, or pop some veggies inside. Slip a bunch of green onions on here, that you have marinated in a tangy, salty sauce for a while.
Man, I can smell the stuff already!!

It has a non-stick surface, and the little plastic scraper helps remove any bits that may stick. It is not the best non-stick I have ever used, and has degraded over time. Cleaning it is in fact a small minus, since it doesn't come apart, and must be cleaned while fully assembled. I use the scraper, and usually a paper towel or napkin. Once it is quite clean, I will use a wrung out dishcloth to finish.

This particular model is the smallest Foreman grill, but is perfect for 5 or six dogs, 4 or five sausages, 2 chicken breasts, a couple of small chops or steaks, or anything in that size category. Being small it also easy to store, and light enough to lift up in a high cabinet. The cord does not detach, and if you use the little feet covers they stay on when you lift the whole unit up.
Actually nice and compact if you keep it out for any extended period of time.

It heats up in about 3 minutes, and cooks more quickly than you would expect -- because IT COOKS ON BOTH SIDES AT ONCE! Literally halves the cooking time wouldn't you think? You would be right. Also puts those lovely grilling marks on your items, and by flipping your items sideways, midway through the cooking process, you can get those ever-popular cross hatch grill marks too. Sounds great, doesn't it? It is in fact a pleasure to use.

Also, no worries about broiling, which chars any fats, and thereby increases your risk of cancer. Didn't know that? Yes in fact, charred (burnt) meat fat is known to increase your chances of getting cancer. Using a grill like this one can't hurt then, can it?

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