Gevalia Coffee for Two 85188 14 Cups Coffee Maker - Black Reviews

Gevalia Coffee for Two 85188 14 Cups Coffee Maker - Black

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Coffee for Two - Free Gevalia Coffee Machine is a Winner

Mar 26, 2006 (Updated Apr 9, 2006)
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Pros:Neat looking. Easy to use. Timer. Makes good coffee.

Cons:Incentive to sign up for coffee club. Can buy direct though.

The Bottom Line: Gevalia Coffee for Two is a great machine. I'm enjoying have a hot cup of coffee to carry out the door in the mornings.

You’ve probably seen the ads for the Gevalia Coffee Club. They put out a lot of advertising material as well as posting offers at their web site To entice folks to sign up, they offer free gifts—typically some type of coffee maker. One of the current incentive coffee machines is the Coffee for Two model. There are offers for larger home machines, but I have a large coffee maker. I really wanted this nifty looking mug machine with travel cups. So, I signed up and sent in my order for coffee. They continue to send coffee every few weeks, until I cancel. They honor the “no obligation” claim, because I signed up several years ago and then did cancel after the initial trial. I’d also note that they sell the machine outright but with a discount for those signed up for coffee deliveries.

I was quite excited when the machine and coffee arrived. The mailman actually gave it to my neighbor by mistake who then walked it over. That is one plus to living in a small town.

The machine looks just a high tech and cool as it does in all the photos. It’s jet black with silver cups ringed with matching black comfort grips. Even my boys (who don’t drink coffee—of course) thought it was a great looking gadget.

Of course, looks aren’t everything.

There was no assembly. The Coffee for Two came out of the box ready to rock though it’s recommended to wash the machine before using (duh).

The included booklet is easy to follow, though the process is almost self explanatory.

You flip open the top and pour in water. There are two lines. You either put in enough water to make one or two cups. The water display is very easy to see, so that’s a breeze.

Then, you need to be sure to slide the little lever to match one or two cups. That turn lever is on the top of the machine and behind the water lid. It’s marked one cup with one cup icon and then two cups with two cup icons. I keep mine on one cup, since I’m the only one drinking coffee around here. It is nice to have the option to make two cups when I have company though.

Each cup has a filter. Swing the bucket above the cup out and put in a cone shaped filter. Then, add coffee. I find that about 2 scoops (about 2 Tablespoons) is what I like. One really nice feature is that the filter cups come out to wash. That’s the trickiest part. You have to lift up very slightly and then pull. After a couple of times, I had this move down pat.

The thing I love best about the machine is the timer. I thought it might be a bit complicated, but it’s the easiest timer I’ve used on an appliance. Once you set the time (press clock and then hour/minute), you then push the program button and use the hour and minute buttons to set the time. A green light flashes to let you know that you have it set and ready to go. Once it’s set, you can just press the program button two times the next day, and it makes the coffee at the same time. Or, you can program again to a new time. If you don’t press the button, then it doesn’t do anything until you press start (the green/red button) or reset the timer.

Once the coffee is done which only takes a couple of minutes, the machine beeps, and the green light turns red. I time this to brew while I’m in the shower, and then I have a cup of coffee to carry to work. I don’t like my coffee real hot, and it’s just right by the time I get to work (about a half hour later).

The stainless steel mugs fit perfectly in the cup holders in my vehicle. They also have screw on lids, so even if one does tip, it doesn’t spill. Well, I suppose someone could manage to make a mess, but they’d have to work at it.

This is the perfect machine for my needs. It’s easy to use and makes small amounts as well as looking great on the counter. I don’t guess it would work for a heavy coffee drinking family, since it makes only two mugs at a time (though they are generous sized mugs—each holding about what would go in two coffee cups). It also doesn’t have a warmer, so it’s not the kind of machine to use and then have coffee hot all morning, though the insulated mugs do keep the coffee warm for a good length of time.

*One Quick Note--The listing at Epinions says 14 cup. I'm sure that's supposed to be 4 cups--2 cups each in two good sized mugs.

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