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Gigi Brazilian Pro Professional Waxing Kit (GIG164)

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Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit - Get Bare Down There

Jan 2, 2013 (Updated Jan 2, 2013)
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Pros:Inexpensive.  Quality Product.  Almost everything you need to get started.

Cons:They should have included a collar for the warmer and something to remove residual wax.

The Bottom Line: This is a great starter kit. It has almost everything you need to do your own - at home brazilian waxing.

Note: This is not a review about how to do your own brazilian waxing.  It is a review about a kit which contains products which can aid you in this effort.

In May of 2012, I randomly decided that I was going to have my nether regions waxed.  All off.  Bare as a baby's bottom.

Now mind you, I've never ever shaved that area before and since my puberty years, I've always had lots of hair in that particular area.  I've had the occasional "bikini wax" but rest assured - it was the removal of just enough hairs so that I could wear a one piece out in a public setting.

The very first time I had a Brazilian waxing, I went to a professional.  If you're in the Indianapolis area, I highly recommend The Naked Monkey.  There are three locations and they do nothing BUT waxing (men and women).

I mention this because I would never recommend that you use a kit like this the first time you want to experience a Brazilian.  It's not a negative reflection on this kit rather - it's my very strong opinion that you should be waxed professionally first.  It will help you understand what to expect in terms of pain, supplies used, etc...

So back to this kit.

Why Gigi?
I've done enough research on the Internet to know that when it comes to professional waxing products that the Gigi brand is used a ton in salons around the world.  They have a wide range of waxing related products (lots of different types of waxes,  strips, warmers, lotions) and their reputation appears to be solid and credible.

For more information on Gigi -

Why Wax Yourself?
Being able to wax myself (and/or - have someone else assist me) has many advantages.  

First, it's cheaper than having it done professionally.  You'll find that a good salon charges lots ($50-$150) for this service and if you like to keep yourself tidy on a regular basis, that can add up to lots of money per year (think visiting the salon once every four weeks x amount of money).

Second, I can wax in the privacy of my own home.  Even though I'm not shy about exposing my lower regions to a complete (professional) stranger (this comes from childbirth), there's something to be said about being able to wax when you want where you want how you want in your own home.

Why This Kit?
I've already told you it's by Gigi so naturally that's a plus but the two other factors that drew me in were the price (currently you can get this through Amazon for $29.90 - a TOTAL STEAL) and it also contained basic, starter supplies for Brazilian waxing.

1 Wax Warmer
14 oz Brazilian Body Hard Wax 
10 Large Accue Edge Applicators
10 Small Accue Edge Applicators
2oz Pre-Epilating Oil
2oz After Wax Cooling Gel 
Professional Brazilian Hard Wax System DVD -  English & Spanish

My Experience With This Kit
I'm not the type of chick who reads instructions.  Yes, still.  Basically, if the product isn't intuitive enough to figure out without reading then it'll be one of those things that won't get used a lot by me.

My two main items to focus on as soon as I opened the box, was the warmer and the wax container.

The warmer is solid.  It's made of durable plastic and although I've never dropped it on concrete, I do bang it around a lot.  You plug it in and there's a lever/switch which allows you to turn your warmer on.  The further to the right you push the lever, the warmer the temperature is.  When you're warming up a brand new container of wax, you'll probably use the highest setting so that your wax melts more quickly.  I have found that it takes about an hour for a full 14 ounce waxing container to become usable.  

There's a removable dome that you place on top of the wax and warmer so that little fingers don't get into it.  By leaving it on, you also get the benefit of keeping lots of the heat focused on that 14 ounce wax container.

The warmer itself is convenient enough to stash away in your bathroom too. 

The wax that comes with this kit is specifically for Brazilian waxing.  It is a hard wax.   Hard waxes are meant for coarse hair (which your pubic hair is) and in most cases, hard waxes do not require you to use a strip in order to pull the hair from the skin.  The 14 ounces of wax can last you quite awhile.  I take care of things about every 3-4 weeks and this one container lasted me for about four months.  I also used it elsewhere (sparingly).  Once you have used everything in your container, you just lift it out of the warmer and toss it in the trash.

Side note: The wax container is partially metal so it's very important that you do not accidentally pop this in the microwave, okay?

The Large and Small Applicators are a lot like Popsicle sticks and I found them to be quite useful during my do-it-yourself sessions.  You can get away with using one of each per session without any issue.

The pre-epilating oil is something that you apply before you start your waxing process.  This does not numb you and it is odorless.  Although I used this, once the small amount was gone, I switch over to using baby oil which seems to have about the same ingredients in it.

The after-wax cooling gel contains menthol and cucumber extracts which are meant to reduce redness of your skin.  Again, with 2 oz, it goes fast and although it works just fine, remember that it doesn't remove any residual wax and it doesn't make the pain go away.  I do have sensitive skin and I didn't find this cooling gel to cause me any issues.  It's not my favorite but it works just fine.

I skipped the DVD so I cannot tell you if it was informative or just pure advertisement.

I Wish I Could Rate This 4.75 Stars Instead of 5 Stars
What you receive in this kit is absolute quality.  

I have two beefs with this starter kit.  

First, there is no collar for the warmer.  A collar is something that makes sure that the heated wax doesn't drip down inside of the warmer while your doling it out :).  Not having a collar means that I am prone to get wax on the inside and outside of the warmer and that equals some clean up for me that I wasn't expecting.

Second, there's nothing they give you to help remove the wax.  Luckily, baby oil does the trick for me however it's a little awkward to get to the end of your experience and think how the heck am I going to get the residual wax off of me???

You can purchase both of these products (individually) from Gigi and I'm certain they come in other kits as well - just not this one.
Life After the Kit
The great thing about this kit is that everything contained within it is for sale on an individual basis.  You can easily purchase the hard wax (about 8-9 bucks) and the pre-epilating/post-epilating gels at lots of brick and mortar and online retailers.

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