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Glaceau FruitWater: Helping Me Work Toward Better Health

Jun 2, 2006 (Updated Jun 2, 2006)
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Pros:Refreshing, lightly sweet, only 20 calories. Distilled water, no chemicals. Nicely designed bottle.

Cons:Expense. Feels kind of decadent to indulge in too often.

The Bottom Line: An enjoyable and refreshing alternative to sugary sodas, and one that's helping me be more mindful about drinking water!

I wish I drank more water. It's one of those facts of my life: I know I should drink more water than I do, but I often lack the discipline to do it or just plain forget. I drink a glass with meals and sip at a bottle during the morning at the office, but all in all, I'm not coming anywhere near the 6-8 glasses per day that I know would benefit my health, keep me hydrated, and help me lose weight.

And true confession: I've been drinking soda again (that's "pop" for all you midwesterners out there). This is frankly disheartening to me, because it's an old habit I thought I'd broken the back of during my pregnancy and subsequent two years of nursing an infant/toddler. I cut caffeine completely out of my diet, and soda almost completely too, which was a big deal because I had a weakness for both. In the past year or so, however, I've fallen back into bad part out of stress. Too often soda becomes an addiction: something I drink because the sweetness and fizziness of it is like a "comfort drink." I do remind myself frequently that soda tends to de-hydrate not re-hydrate my body, and I ask myself why I consider something not good for me to be a kind of reward? So I struggle.

I've tried lots of different ways to make myself drink more water. Tracking how many glasses I have per day. Adding a little lemon or lime juice to the glass. Seltzer water. Seltzer with a splash of juice. In general, the little touch of fruit juice helps me want to drink more, but I still don't drink enough. Some of this is tied to my lack of discipline in other areas, like exercise, but that's another story!

Recently I was in the health section of the market where we do our main grocery shopping, and some very cool looking bottles caught my eye. They were clear plastic with brightly colored transparent labels which read Glaceau FruitWater. I'd never heard of the the manufacturer or the brand, but I definitely felt drawn to check out those bottles. Someone in marketing is grinning gleefully as I type this! The name "fruitwater" struck my interest too.

I expected this to be one of those flavored waters that's become all the rage in the U.S. lately. And it is a flavored water, but happily, it's a very simple one with NO artificial sweeteners. All you'll find in here is "vapor distilled/deionized water" with a little bit of sugar ("crystalline fructose"), natural flavor, citric acid, and some electrolytes. It is perhaps a bit disingenuous to tout this water as "mother nature approved" (which the label does) since there's actually no fruit juice in it, though in smaller type they do let you know there's no fruit juice. But all in all, there are far worse things I could be putting in my body, and when you come right down to it, it's mostly water.

And frankly, it's delicious. I've tried two flavors so far, grape and raspberry. It also comes in lime and peach, which I'm looking forward to trying. So far the raspberry is my favorite. It happens to be one of my favorite flavors anyway, and they got this just right -- tart, not too sweet. It does sort of make me wonder how on earth they get it tasting so raspberry without putting any actual raspberry juice in it (hmmm...) but I'm not going to push that question too hard.

Both the raspberry and the grape have only the faintest touch of sweetness and flavor. Not enough to make you feel like you're drinking anything too sugary, just enough to deal with that sweet tooth craving and to make drinking it a refreshing pleasure. Frankly, at only 20 calories per 20 oz. bottle, there can't be that much sugar in there. I liked the taste enough that I found myself finishing the full 20 oz. bottle much more quickly than I usually finish a similar bottle of plain water. And then wishing I had more!

Besides the nice design of the labelling, which among other things provides a faint cast of color to the clear water inside, I like the shape and feel of the bottle. It's slightly heavy, but has a good, wide drinking mouth with a secure twist on cap, making these good bottles to rinse and use again.

The biggest drawback for me personally is the price, which admittedly is not bad. But I'm on a tight budget these days, and believe me, flavored water is a splurge. The normal price at our store is about $1.50 per bottle, though I got my on sale for $1 each. That's not that expensive relative to other plain bottled waters or to sodas. If you're going to spend the money on soda anyway, then this could be an excellent replacement product. For roughly the same amount in your budget, you could be drinking a lightly flavored water with far fewer calories than regular soda, and far fewer chemicals than either diet or regular soda. That's not a bad tradeoff. Glaceau has that angle figured out too, as they pitch fruitwater (on the label) as a lightly sweetened alternative to diet drinks whose artificial sweeteners may trick our bodies into craving more sweets.

What makes me feel a little guilty is that, if I could just find the self-discipline to drink more plain water, or to take the time to add a spritz of real fruit juice to my water, I wouldn't need to resort to such tricks. I'm frustrated that I'm stuck enough on bad, sugary things that I need to wean myself off this way. Only in an affluent country would you ever see this kind of product. A lot of people in the world have no decent, clean water supply at all, and would be in awe of the cleanliness and easy availability of my tap water (whose taste I've been known to complain about, and which I filter through a pitcher filtration system). So I'm trying to be conscious that most people in the world don't have the kinds of choices I do, to be grateful for what I've got, and to not waste money on gimmicks.

With all that said, I do think that Glaceau Fruitwater is an excellent product for people like me who are trying to drink more water, put fewer chemicals in my body, and slowly but surely learn to do without so much sugar. I won't buy it all the time, but two or three bottles a week, in place of sodas, seems like a pretty good investment in my health.

A big thank you to bops_mom for adding this to the database for me so quickly!

~befus, 2006

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