Glaceau Vitamin Water Focus Kiwi Strawberry 24 20oz Bottles

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Vitamin Water: The Alternative To Gatorade

May 31, 2008 (Updated May 31, 2008)
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Pros:Formulated for specific purposes, really works, no sodium in most

Cons:some flavors may have adverse affects

The Bottom Line: Finally someone has come up with flavored water formulated for different purposes. Vitamin Water rules in our house.

As you might have noticed in my review of Gatorade ( I was somewhat critical of the high amounts of sodium contained in the thirst quencher. And while that is essential for those who have perspired a great deal, for those who are couch potatoes, this intake of unneeded sodium can raise problems.

In my search of something a bit more dazzling that pure water, I recently ran across the wonders of Glaceau Vitamin Water. I chose the focus blend that is here shown, but I have tried almost all of the other blends as well. You can find out more about their products at The flavors are based on formulation. In other words, each different flavor is formulated for a different purpose unlike Gatorade that is merely a thirst quencher and re-hydrator. The flavors of Vitamin Water are:
• power-C (dragonfruit) containing vitamin c concentration + taurine for additional strength
• defense (raspberry-apple) containing vitamin c concentration + zinc to boost immunity
• focus (kiwi-strawberry) containing vitamin a + lutein for more clarity and focus
• balance (cran-grapefruit) containing vitamin c +glucosamine for more flexibility
• endurance (peach-mango) containing vitamin e + ribose for more sustained energy
• essential (orange-orange) with vitamin c + calcium for morning nutrition
• vital-t (lemon tea) containing vitamin c + e for more vitality
• energy (tropical citrus) containing vitamin b + guarana for immediate energy
• b-relaxed (guava-jackfruit) containing b vitamins + theanine for relaxation
• rescue (green tea) containing vitamin c + egcg for better metabolism
• charge (lemon-lime) containing b vitamins + electrolytes for re-hydration
• multi-v (lemonade) containing vitamin a to zinc for key nutrients
• formula 50 (grape) containing 50% RDA of vitamins for more fuel for the mature
• revive (fruit punch) containing b vitamins + potassium for more recovery
• XXX (acai-blueberry-pomegranate) containing triple antioxidants for better disease fighting

Nutritional values and the like are going to vary for each one. Focus seems to be the only one that I can find on the epinions web site, but I happen to have energy in front of me. I have compared to others and generally the same holds true. The values on vitamins will vary by formula. I highly recommend reading the labels carefully. I have had a bad experience with XXX. I have had splendid results with each of the others I have tried which are almost all.

Nutritionally Speaking

In a 20 ounce container, there are 2 servings. Each serving contains 50 calories with no fat. And get this: THERE IS NO SODIUM in most of the formulas. 13 g of carbs for 4% RDA for sugar and no protein. Each of the vitamins that are provided by formula will provide between 20% and 40% of RDA by serving. If you drink a whole bottle of Vitamin Water, you will be close to topping out on most vitamins especially C. Since the body does not store Vitamin C, it needs to constantly be replenished anyway.

The product contains no fruit juices, but does contain distilled water, CANE Sugar, and basically the same things that are in Gatorade with the additional of stimulants such as guarana and caffeine. But it does not have the sodium of Gatorade.

Final Thoughts

Gatorade certainly has its place, but if one is looking for products that will do different things under different circumstances, Vitamin Water is the product I would recommend. When I am driving long distances, I will stop and get Revive, Charge or Focus that enhance my ability to drive without getting sleepy. It does not have the carbonation of a soft drink or the sodium of other water beverages. Vitamin Water fits the bill. Often I have felt like I was possibly getting sick. I have drunk a couple of bottles of Defense or Power C and felt fine. This stuff really works.

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