Glucerna Shakes help to control spikes in your blood sugar levels

Jul 26, 2008
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Pros:Helps control extreme blood sugar spikes, eases hunger

Cons:Expensive, vanilla flavor not so good

The Bottom Line: Right combination of carbs, protein and fat with low sugar content to help you keep your blood sugar levels even without spiking either very high or very low.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes on my birthday (May 19th) in 2006 and what a nightmare THAT was! Spending nearly eight hours in a hospital emergency room and finding out that your blood sugar level is over 500 is NOT much of a birthday present.

But with all bad news, (after a long period of time and lots of insulin shots later) the news becomes more tolerable and one of the products that have helped me to get my blood sugar levels close to normal is Glucerna Shakes for Diabetics.

No one in the medical field told me about Glucerna Shakes, none of my doctors, not the nutritionist, no one. I had to discover them with the help of my adult daughter who had gotten a coupon for a free bottle and picked it up for me to try. And I am glad she did too!

I have been drinking Glucerna Shakes for Diabetics now for about a year. I would say that for most of that time I have relied heavily on them as a food source because I have been so sick that cooking and eating have been far from my mind, plus have been physically difficult.

I would have my daughter pick up a case for me at Price Costco because it was the cheapest place to get them. The next lowest priced place is Walmart. Price Costco only sells Vanilla or Chocolate flavors which is unfortunate because the best flavors are Butter Pecan and Strawberry. Those two flavors taste very good, almost like a treat or a real shake. Even my grandsons have liked tasting them! Chocolate flavor is also good. Unfortunately the worst tasting flavor, in my opinion, is the Vanilla. Vanilla is the flavor that reminds me that Glucerna Shakes for Diabetics really are NOT a treat but are instead a "specially formulated nutritional blend that meets ADA nutrition recommendations and helps lower A1C levels." That's a quote off of the bottle.

The back of the bottle has exchange information based on the American Diabetes Association exchange lists for meal planning. One bottle of Homemade Vanilla Flavor Glucerna Shake counts as 2 Carb Choices; 1 Starch exchange; 1 low-fat milk exchange and 1/2 fat exchange. Each bottle has 200 calories and 6 g of sugar. This is a lot lower than other nutritional drinks that are not for diabetics.

Sometimes I have problems with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and I need to eat something right away. I start to feel sick to my stomach, I get a headache and I get crabby and snappish. It's not pleasant for me to feel and it's not pleasant for anyone around me either. But there are times I don't want to eat food because the mere thought of food disgusts me so I grab a bottle of Glucerna and drink it. It does ease those symptoms within a short period of time, perhaps five minutes or so.

The bottle suggests that you chill the bottle of Glucerna before you drink it but I personally don't like it chilled for one simple reason, vanilla flavor tastes terrible and I don't want to drag out drinking it. I want to drink it as fast as possible to get it over with, like medicine, which it is.

So for the diabetic, I highly recommend Glucerna Shakes. They will help with low blood sugar attacks because they have the right combination of carbs, protein and fat with low sugar to help you keep your blood sugar levels even without spiking either very high or very low.

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