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God of War: Chains of Olympus (PlayStation Portable, 2008)

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Nov 5, 2009
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Pros:Good Story. Enjoyable Game Play.Combines hack'n'slash game play with logical puzzle solving.

Cons:Very short game. May be too difficult for some gamers. 

The Bottom Line: God of War, Chains of Olympus is an enjoyable video game and I recommend it to almost any gamer.

Before God of War: Chains of Olympus, I had already worked my way through the first GoW game. This was one of my first games for PsP and was highly enjoyable to me.  The gameplay has four main aspects: fighting, boss fighting, puzzle, and minigames. These four things together all make GoW: C of O such a great game. 
Fighting: The fighting in GoW is not complicated at all, its an entertaining gore fest full of button-mashing fun. Kratos (your main character) can be equipped with several different weapons throughout the game, and no matter which you are equipped with you will experience a satisfying and visually stunning experience. It is indeed a simplistic fighting system but it is still entertaining and not lacking in anything. 
Boss Fights: While still using some of the same fight techniques from normal fighting, boss fights can also be very entertaining. Each boss has a specific style of combat and in turn a specific form of defeat. Bosses are difficult at times and can require a few tries before you can beat them, but not to the point where your knuckles bleed with frustration. Bosses lack in quality but definitely not in quantity. 
Puzzle Games: At some points, Kratos must solve a puzzle before advancing further in the game. Some of the puzzles are common sense and take only a few moments of logical thinking to solve. There are some puzzles however that will require your full attention and problem-solving skills, and perhaps an online walk-through if you are not a skilled puzzle solver. At times a puzzle is integrated into a boss fight which can make the boss fights VERY difficult, especially when you don't know that you are supposed to be thinking about puzzle solving while you're fighting that boss. This is evident at the final bossfight, so if you buy this game, be aware of that and think logically while you are fighting and the fight will be much shorter and easier. 
Mini Games: Minigames are creatively integrated throughout the game and are a simple process, you await an on screen cue to press a specific button or perform an action, and if you do them correctly and in the right order then you either defeat an enemy or gain a prize. A signature of every GoW game is that at one point Kratos will come across two women and will perform a minigame in which you are having intercorse and with them and must bump a table enough to knock a vase off or make a candle flame go out. Creative indeed. 
My only real complaint is that this game is VERY short, a skilled gamer could complete this game in three hours, while the average gamer will be done in no more than twice that time. Its a very enjoyable game and its sad to see it completed so early. 
The story is a prequel to GoW 1 and has a great story line and good graphics for the PsP.
I would recommend GoW to any gamer, especially those who are into a hack n' slash gorefest with some logical thinking at the same time. Sony has really accomplished something great here.

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