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God of War: Chains of Olympus (PlayStation Portable, 2008)

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WOW What A Great Game

Feb 24, 2010
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Pros:Excellent artwork, outsanding cut scenes and animation. Character movement is excellent, camera angles are perfect.

Cons:Lots of different control combos. Controls if your not used to console type controller.

The Bottom Line: I would absolutely recommend this game for any serious PSP gamer. Outstanding in every way. Challenging yet fun, and in the most important ways, forgiving.

I've been a life long gamer who started out back in the 1990's with PC games, and have now, obviously, moved on into some console game play thanks to my wonderful wife who gave me a PSP for my birthday.

I started out with a few other good games like Tome Raider, Indiana Jones, and Untold Legends, but soon found myself looking for a new game. I came across God of War and its many good reviews.

Right out of the box the artwork on the game box was striking. Not knowing what to really expect, I got to it. Getting started is simple, place the UMB disc in your PSP and close the trap, then power it up. Select the game and follow the simple selections. You'll have a choice of 3 difficulty levels at first, Easy, Normal, Hard. God mode is locked until you finish the game in any of the other levels.

First thing you'll notice is the awesome music score, a big plus, and really gets you into the mood to kick butt. The art work is incredible, and the cut scene movies are spectacular. The PSP handles this flawlessly. In the beginning you have basic moves and weapons. If your like me, and unfamiliar with the console type controls, you can play a little on Easy to get a feel for the game. Your name is Kratos. You will go through an introduction of cut scenes that tell your story and why you are there, and what your mission is in the game. Eventually you will start your quest.

In the beginning you will have a sword shaped meter at the top of the screen which shows a green line, which is health, and a blue line which is magic. The bars are short in the beginning. The way to extend them is to collect 5 Gorgon eyes from chests found along the way, or 5 Phoenix Feathers also found in chests along the way. When you obtain 5 Gorgon eyes your health meter is extended and fully charged, and when you obtain 5 Phoenix Feathers your magic bar is extened and fully charged. In Easy difficulty level you can extend your health and magic only three times. In the other levels 4 times.

As you go along on your quests, you will encounter lots of enimies. The idea is to take all of them out, earn power up points in the form of red Orbs, break things, and collect objects. You'll need to learn the various methods of using your weapons and magic. There are a lot of combinations you will eventually enable. Take your enimies out using your learned and/or earned weapons and skills. As you kill eminies or break objects they will emit red Orbs which automatically come to you. You collect them to reach an amount you need to power up your abilities. These can be found in your menu. In Easy difficulty you can only power up three times, in the other levels 4 or 5 respectively. You'll need these red Orbs, so break everything you can.

There are also chests you'll pass or need to find along your way. There are several types. Red glowing contain red Orbs which are used for power ups, Blue glowing contain magic power and will recharge your magic bar, and Green glowing which will power up your health bar. There is another chest that changes between blue and green allowing you to choose what to power up by waiting until that color is present before opening the chest.

 Naturally, as you progress the enimies get a little harder, but your also increasing your power and abilities as well. Besides the chests, there are other minor ways to power up your bars. In one level you have enimie prisoners, if you slay them, you get health. Occasionally while battling some of the larger Bosses, you will get red and green Orbs, or occasionally red and blue Orbs, it seemed to be random.

Occasionally you will encounter a puzzle. These are not difficult really, and I belive there were only 2 or 3 in the whole game. Bosses, no good game would be without boss battles. Bosses can be intimidating, I know I was intimidated! God of War has a lot of Boss battles right from the very beginning. The good thing is that they are weaker in the beginning and progressively get harder until the end just like you. So your getting more abilities and more power as you go too, so again these should not be a major problem. Granted, some of the later Bosses get a bit tough, but that's to be expected.

Overall game play is not too difficult on the easier levels. Its still a challenge, and the final Boss fight is a doozie. Character control is outstanding. extremely well done and accurate. Camera angles are all contolled by the program and are perfect. There was not one place where the camera angle ended up being horrible or caused game play to be difficult or impossible as in some other games. There are some trick actions your character can perform such as a roll, dodge, and most importantly a double jump. You will need to master that double jump move.

There is one thing that I absolutely LOVE about this game, and I thank the designers for their wisdom in designing this game this way.
Save points are not selected by the player. At first I thought this was going to be a real pain. I like being able to get through a tough part and saving manually. The game has save points. They are indicated by a beam of light shining down from the heavens along your path. Step into it to activate the prompts. Now for the good part. Say you save your game, and you go through a real tough fight with a room full of bad guys and you take them out. You proceed to the next room where you meet more bad guys, and you take them out too. You proceed to another room where you meet more bad guys. They keep spawning in droves. You almost get them wiped out and you die. You would normally think, darn, now I have to go back to that last save point and start over. Nein! As you play, the game is saving check points. You do not know where they are as they are not announced in any way. But the designers placed them very smartly. In the scenario I gave above, you will be given the option of quitting or Restarting from the last Check Point. If you Quit, all progress from the last Save point will be lost. When you start over again later, you will start from the last Save point and have to go through the previous battles over again. However, if you chose Restart from last Check Point, the game will start you somewhere after the last big fight you completed, but before the one you lost in. This is really cool during some of the later boss fights where you will die multiple times, and it is a godsend that they will bring you back into the frey just before the point where you died.

Overall, I overwhelmingly agree with many of the reviews out there. This game is outstanding, five stars. Graphics are excellent, cut scenes are outstanding, music score is perfect, sound effects are dead on, character movement is the best I've ever seen, and camera angles are dialed in perfectly. Bad guys, lots of variety, and abilities, and your character has same as you progress. Game play is challenging and fun. Re-play value is excellent. I would recommend this game to any serious PSP gamer.

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