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Gold's Gym Power Flex: Slightly Exceeded My Low Expectations

Mar 1, 2004
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Pros:Smaller than most, good workout, decent price, plenty of exercise options

Cons:Limited weights, dumb guarantee, how long will it last

The Bottom Line: A decent machine, but there dozens of decent machines available.

You have seen the advertisements touting the ability to get ripped with just a few minutes a day and, of course, the use of the Gold's Gym Power Flex. Can it be real? Does it really work this way? Is the Power Flex even worth purchasing?

To begin with, I will mention that the Power Flex surprised me. I was expecting- for whatever reason- a machine that would have a short lifespan (It still might.), limited uses, and one that just was not very user friendly. For the most part, the Power Flex exceeded my lowered expectations, but that is not saying all that much. At any rate, the specifics are below and what I like and do not like will follow.


* 210 pounds of resistance
* Ability to upgrade to 410 pounds
* 70 exercise options
* Folds up for easy storage (36" x 24")
* Rowing station
* Leg developer system
* High or low pulleys


1. The machine does fold up nicely and, therefore, you are able to store it a lot easier than most. I know that this sounds silly to be leading with this, but I like to get it out of the area when it is not in use. Doing so is quick and easy.

2. The machine seems to be well made. The frame is solid and the pulleys operate without any difficulty. Furthermore, the machine has a solid base and does not contain as many nuts and bolts as I expected. I am guessing that this machine will be around for a decent while and this surprised me. Kudos to Gold's for making a lasting product.

3. The exercises are quite good. There are supposed to be 70 exercises that you can perform. I have no idea how many there are, but you will never come close to performing all 70. The 15 or so exercises that I have performed have been difficult- the way I like them- and I have most definitely felt it the following morning. You are able to work all parts of your body with the machine and the workout is pretty much difficult regardless of which body part you are working on.

4. The machine is smaller than a number of others that I have used. While this is good and bad, I prefer it. Why? Well, you do not need quite as much room in order to use the machine and you also may not have to always fold it up and put it away. A plus in my mind.

5. The lifetime warranty is a nice bonus. I am sure there is some catch somewhere, but it is nice to know that you have it available and may be able to use it if you need to. As I always mention, machines with more moving parts are more likely to breakdown than those with few moving parts. Hence, having this insurance policy is a good thing.

6. The price is not too bad. You will pay somewhere around $900.00 before delivery and set up charges. Not bad, but expect to pay well over $1000.00 by the time all is said and done.


1. Though I get the feeling the machine is well built, the pulleys are going to give way at some point. I think they will be fine for a great deal of time, but at some point the pulleys will wear down. The reason is that they are swivel pulleys and therefore there is much more movement than they would be subjected to otherwise. Not a big deal to me as I am sure other machines face the same problem, but something to be aware of. The machine does include a lifetime warranty, but the problem with that is that they take forever to fix.

2. The guarantee is silly. Gold's offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not getting Gold's results after the 30 day period. Ok, anyone who has ever worked out knows that 30 days is not going to result in much of anything. Hence, the silliness of the guarantee. Nice offer, but I am not sure why they offer other than to deceive the buying public.

3. The amount of weight is limited. I am not a huge power lifter so the 210 pounds of resistance is pretty much fine for what I want to do. However, if you want to lift more, you have to get an upgrade to 310 or 410. The upgrade costs money and will probably be needed as you meet and exceed your goals. Keep this in mind when purchasing; buy more weight than you think you will need.

4. When the workout poster is a selling point, there could be a problem. Ok, so I am not entirely sure it is a selling point, but the poster is mentioned more than a few times on the advertisement and in print. A workout poster as a selling point?! You have got to be kidding me.

5. The free leg developer is nice, but first of all, realize that you pay for it somewhere along the line. Secondly, realize that it takes up more space and will make it more difficult to get the thing put away. Finally, the leg develop does not seem very stable. On the plus side, it does do a good job.


While not a bad option, I am not going to give this machine a ringing endorsement. Yes, it did exceed my expectations, but again they were significantly lowered. The machine does provide a good workout, but there are just too many other things that I am not so sure about. The Power Flex is a decent machine for an individual who is looking at this as their first machine. These are people who are budget conscious and also less likely to be hardcore users. Otherwise, I just cannot suggest purchasing the Gold's Gym Power Flex when there are so many other options.

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