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The XR45 Gym takes bronze.

Jul 8, 2009
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Pros:works all muscle groups, affordable, lat tower

Cons:the warranty, low user weight, fixed seat

The Bottom Line: There are so many home gyms on the market. If you can get this for a great price and get the extended warranty then I say go for it.

I am not going to discuss why we bought a weight bench over a home gym. It took months of going back to store after store before we made the decision to buy the Weider Pro Bench.

General information

Gold's Gym XR45 measures 65 inches high by 38 inches wide by 76 inches deep. That doesn't take into account that for example the lat bar on the high pulley needs room to be lifted off the holder and there has to be room for your legs to extend on the leg extension.

The maximum user weight is a low 300 pounds.

The XR45 has a horrible 90 day warranty. The more I think about that the more I wonder how I could have been even considering this product made by ICON. When there are cables and pulleys you have to have a longer warranty. The fact that it is so short says a lot to me!

The machine weighs in the 200 plus range making it a bit shaky when using heavy weights.

Gold's Gym XR45 uses both the stack and cable system. The stack are weights on a vertical poll that when pulled by the cable system lifts the amount of weights you have chosen. You choose the weights by putting a pin in the amount of weight you want. I think this is a very efficient use of time and is one of my favorite types of machines.

What can be done on the XR45

There are 8 weight plates and each weigh about 25-27 lbs. Using all 8 would give you a total of 210 lbs. For many that is not enough so you'll have to think about how much weight you use especially using the bench press feature.

You'll get a chest press/chest fly "station." This is one unit but when you turn around the chest press (pec dec) becomes a fly station for chest work and upper back work. I don't like the fact that this "station" is not adjustable. I know this is for home use only but sitting backward and doing flyes is not all that comfortable.

I think the padding on the seat and the back is just fine but one horrible thing about the RX C is that the seat is in one position only - upright. So there is no versatility to using the seat as a bench to do free weight work. You can do plenty on this machine though so you may not even miss an incline or flat bench. Just take note of this which is definitely something I did and perhaps in the end was the deal breaker for this machine.

I could do 15 exercises using the high pulley and 40 using the low pulley. Keep in mind that those numbers are a bit inflated because some exercises that are shown on the chart you will get are really one exercise although ICON calls them two.

It comes with a preacher pad that is quite comfortable making preacher curls easy to do.

The machine a 4-roll leg developer to work the front of your thighs (quads), hamstrings (back of thighs), glutes (butt) and hip-flexors (upper thighs- what makes your leg move to the side, etc.) Again this is a home machine so don't expect to do a leg extension and have the length of the bars nice and long as you would have on a commercial machine or the stability. Still it does work and that one "station" works all those muscles.

You will get an ankle strap to use for the low pulley to work your legs especially the inside and outside of your thighs.
The lat bar for us was a must have and this home gym has a lat bar which is used for back work (and triceps work) but can also be put on the low pulley to do biceps work and more.

I say this over and over again - unless you put machinery together for a living you may want to pay to have this put together but it will add to the cost of the machine which will run you about $500 depending on where it is bought.

My thoughts

For an inexpensive machine this one does a lot. It works every muscle which is a plus but the lack of a moving seat could also be something you don't like.  Looking at it totally objectively I think this would be a good choice for someone who has not worked out in a gym (so they can't compare!) and most probably would be a female or a younger person. The one aspect that makes me hesitate recommending it is the warranty but I recommend buying an extended warranty on most fitness equipment so I'll do the same for this one.

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