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Good Guys Club, Washington DC

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Better Boobs than Congress Has-Good Guys, Washington DC

Oct 13, 2009
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Pros:Beautiful, Diverse Women, Loud Music, Food, Prices

Cons:Its still expensive, Costly Wine, Driving in Georgetown

The Bottom Line: Good Guys is a fun strip club in Washington D.C.

I'm not too thrilled with politicians of either political party, as they are nothing but a bunch of boobs. Their weasel like behavior, and stealing candy from babies gets pretty old fast. Thankfully there's some boobs in Washington D.C. that I do enjoy, as the exotic dance club Good Guys has plenty to offer. Located in the yuppie part of the Nation's Crapital(Georgetown), it has been a mainstay of Wisconsin Avenue for years. Is it a posh place with champagne rooms and leather upholstery? Nope, but it does offer you a fun experience, that compared to D.C.'s other strip clubs won't break your bank.

To go to a strip club in the District, is going to cost you more money, than what you'll see in nearby West Virginia. Yet its worth the extra bucks compared to the tassle and g-string requiring Commonfilth of Virginia, which seems to be stuck in a puritanical age, of which it will never break free of. There are about six to seven official strip clubs in the District, and the least expensive one I've been to is Good Guys. The biggest problem I have with this establishment is that the metro isn't conveniently located, like it is for Archibalds, but you can find some parking on the street. Personally I like riding the metro in case of getting sloshed, and driving around G-Town can be a nightmare. Thankfully I've found parking within minutes of arrival, and if you can't find any on the street, you can put your car into spots at a nearby fitness club for a reasonable rate.

You have to be twenty one to enter through the doors, and you will be checked by a former college linebacker every time. That shouldn't cause a problem for most, but the students attending nearby universities could be disappointed. The club itself isn't that big, and what it lacks in size, it does make up for it with a fantastic display of mirrors throughout. While this does frighten me a bit, as my looks can make them crack, its a fine way to see the ladies at a variety of different angles. The music is always pumping with lots of bass, and they have obviously invested a lot of money into this sound system. It is appreciated, as I enjoy hearing Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me" or Timbaland's "Scream" at a ridiculous volume.

Seating is comfortable enough, but its nothing fancy here. I usually try to get one of the tables near the stage, and you can walk up to the ladies, and give them a $5 bill. You aren't going to get any lapdances here, but they do appreciate this, and usually you get a nice, close up dance for your viewing pleasure. There's no touching obviously, because if you are stupid enough to try this, you will be unceremoniously deposited upon your head, out the door by their beheamoth bouncers. They are pretty cool though, and take a laid back approach by staying in the background, but you know they are there if things get out of hand. About a year ago there was an incident with a complete psycho, who decided to throw a fire bomb at another patron, so they've beefed up in their numbers to stop any type of similar nonsense.

The food here is really good, and not that expensive compared to surrounding restaurants. You can get some of their hot wings, which are scalding in spices, for around $7. They only have a couple of appetizers, and this is the one I'd recommend starting with. The entree selection is about fifteen to twenty choices, and unlike the clubs in West Virginia, you won't have to worry about getting a pizza slice that was baked in 1989. The handmade pizzas here are delicious, although I usually go with one of their burgers or steak entrees. You can get a decent 1/3 lb burger with fries for $9, or a sirloin with two sides for $15. It's not a bad deal, and they even have carryout service, which is a bit unique for these types of establishments. Wine is a bit pricey at $9-$20 a glass, and you can get a bottle for a rate that will make you late on the mortgage. Go with the beers at $5-$8, as they are a bit more affordable.

Going for food here is fine and dandy, but how are the ladies? They are generally a bit more fun here and laid back, than the uptight ones at the downtown clubs. Good Guys has some gorgeous ladies as well, and a lot of them are college students at the nearby $40,000 a year schools. This makes for fine viewing, and you are going to find a lot of diversity here, which I always appreciated. There are blondes, redheads, brunettes, asian ladies, black ladies, hispanic ladies, heck there's even purple ladies! Just kidding on the last one, but I do like going to a exotic club where there are women of different ethnic backgrounds. Variety is the slice of life, and here you will find it. The majority of them are just drop dead beautiful, and some of them could easily be models at Milan fashion shows.

Good Guys
is open from 3pm-3am on the weekends, with slightly shorter hours on weekdays. You can check out their club online at This has been an institution of D.C. for a long time, and considering how busy they are on weekend nights, they should be around for many years. If you are in the area, put this on your list of places to visit, because it is convenient to other landmarks that are of a "touristy nature". I love the monuments, but this is where I go for a fun night in town. They are great with their fast service, and you can't find a friendlier place in D.C., as they provide a relaxing environment. Get your beer and wings, and I'll see you there!

**Thanks to Di(Surgn911) for adding this to the databse!

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