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Vegas Tours/Sightseeing Tours Unlimited

May 31, 2006
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Pros:Reservations are efficient...hook you in

Cons:Cons:Everything else about this company

The Bottom Line: Avoid the company that says anything like "the only operator..going to the National Geographic Experience...IMAX movie...National Vitamin Factory...

ALSO, AVOID reserving with Vegas Tours/Sightseeing Tours Unlimited also doing business as Sightseeing Tours Unlimited Nevada they give extremely poor service and are unresponsive to the guest...

If you're planning on going on a day trip to the Grand Canyon I would avoid using this group. The on-line sight Vegas Tours registers and confirms your registration but once you get picked up you are taken to a Vitamin Company processing plant just off the strip. You are then checked in by what you think is Vegas Tours but your receipt reads Sightseeing Tours Unlimited." They call this a Luxury Tour but they give you a "continental breakfast", in a hallway, that consists of coffee with powdered cream, juice boxes, and vending machine quality bear claws. From there the trip gets even more miserable.

We had a driver by the name of Luscious who had the worst grammar I have ever heard and I work with children. In addition he mumbled, was disengaged and spoke like a robot. He started his introduction by telling us to make note of the number on the bottom of our itinerary. He said this was who to talk to or call if you had issues because there is always someone who needs to complain and he can't do anything about it. 13 hours later he ended our trip by demeaning a 67/68 year old couple who had asked for a first aid kit and asked about the condition of the bus. He railed about the couple and their concerns, to a full bus, for at least five minutes over his tour guide speaker.

The bus, a Triple J was in horrible condition. The first thing I noticed was that there were no headrest covers. There was about one foot of legroom and on the aisle seats there was a bar behind the foot rest so only one foot could be there at a time.

Once passed the Hoover Dam the bus started to overheat and the beeping alarm went off for 30 minutes straight. At every major incline the alarm and warning lights would continue. This happened for three of the 4.5 hour trip to the South Rim. On the way back the emergency window rattled and came partially open.

We had paid extra for an IMAX movie at the Natl. Geographic store, just outside of the Canyon, but arrived late and missed one third of the movie.
The time at the actual canyon amounted to 1.5 of the 15.5 hour trip. Wow that's just 10%.

I immediately called the number at the bottom of my itinerary from the Pizza Hut Express (Our Luxury Lunch) and was given the run around. I called again at 9:30 PM and was told to call back in the morning. The next morning I was told to call on Monday.

Bad Points Grand Canyon South Rim Tour
Poor Equipment/Buses through Triple J
Rude, dismissive & demeaning driver (Luscious) whose grammar was atrocious
No First Aid kit on the bus
Emergency Windows rattling and partially open
No legroom
Driver did not give out emergency instructions
At the end of the 15.5 hour ride...with 1.5 hours actually at the Canyon he demeaned an older couple/customers by bad mouthing them over his tour guide speaker.
The temperature on the bus averaged between 66 & 68 degrees. It was miserably cold near the windows and one couldn't keep the cold air from blowing on their neck & shoulder.
The videos were inaudible and the tape flipped for several minutes before it started up again.
On the way back, the driver told one passenger that there was no reading lamp available but once we arrived back on Las Vegas Blvd he turned on the interior lights in the cabin of the bus.

General Comments *
Upon finally reaching the General manager I am told:
The company does not offer any refunds...they try to guilt you into feeling like you are the only person who has issues with their service and if that doesn't work they try to demean you.

Do Yourself a favor, save the 200+ dollars for a good steak dinner in Vegas or rent a car and drive yourself to the canyon. Vegas Tours, uses Sightseeing Tours Unlimited as the Tour Company and Triple J buses for transportation. It may turn out to be one of the most miserable experiences of your life and all they will do is try to offer you comp tickets on another one of their bus tours.

Good points
Their reservations are efficient...that makes it seem as if they just want your money. It seems they would rather I write poor reviews than to provide a quality service which I, in turn, would refer others to.

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Tour type: Individual
Tour format: Bus
Tour length: One Day

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