Grandma's Molasses All Natural Unsulphured 12 Oz

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Grandma's Molasses All Natural Unsulphured 12 Oz.

Nov 6, 2007 (Updated Nov 15, 2007)
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Pros:Great in baked beans

Cons:Very sweet tasting

The Bottom Line: Grandma's Molasses helps make ginger snap cookies, an excellent baked bean dish and if my honey isn't around I reach for her when I have a bad cough.

When my wife needs molasses she purchases Grandma's Molasses All Natural Unsulphured in the 12Oz. glass jar exclusively. I see grandma on the shelf 24/7 all year round. She has the spot way up in our glass doored condiment closet where she can see everything that goes on. She comes down from that shelf a few times a year. With Christmas coming sooner than we think she will be quickly losing weight as she makes each trip down and back up again.

A Bit About Her

Though we use a few bottles a year Grandma has a long shelf life. The bottle we have on the shelf right now states, Best by 11/20/1010!! Grandma doesn't have to be refrigerated after she is open. She can stay up in the closet in her usual home spot.

The bottle is unmistakable with it's yellow/orange coloured label with a small oval framing grandma face as she's looking out. The ingredients will state, unsulphured Molasses. That's it. Nothing else. Just 100% pure, natural sugarcane juices. The jar also tells us that there are 24 single tablespoon servings in the bottle and each one holds 30 calories.

Before the turn of the century, the previous centuries that is, molasses was used as a sweetener more often than granulated sugar. It wasn't until after WWI that it took a back seat to its dry, white, sandy feeling cousin. She can be found in most supermarkets or delivered from many on-line sources.

Molasses, according to the Grandma's Molasses' web site is good for you. It gives the following...

...Iron – Molasses is one of the richest known sources of “available” iron; recommended for growing children, adolescents, and pregnant/lactating women
Calcium – Molasses is a good source of calcium, one of the most important minerals in the body
Other Nutrients – Molasses is an excellent source of copper & manganese and a good source of potassium & magnesium
All Natural - Made from the juice of pure, sun-ripened sugar cane.
Unsulphured - Contains no additives

Using Grandma

Straight out of the jar I don't care for the taste of Grandma's Molasses. It has an extremely sweet taste of figs and dates mashed together. It tastes like molasses. The brown stuff is also very sticky. Very very sticky. Thick and gooey. Got it?

My wife uses Grandma's Molasses for making Ginger Bread cookies every Christmas and other times of the year too. The jar has a recipe for ginger snap cookies too. The three dozen recipe uses 1/2 cup of grandma's Molasses so it's good to keep a jar on standby.

In the summer months Grandma gets a workout too. A couple of table spoons in baked beans with a dash of Lea Perrins Worcestershire Sauce gives them extra body, sweetness and zest.

When in the Pennsylvania Dutch Company we taste it in their famous Shoo Fly Pies, though I don't know if they use Grandma's brand.

When down with a bad cough we often put honey in hot tea to sip on. There are times when my honey isn't around so I reach up for Grandma to help sooth the throat.

It's always good to know she's close at hand and available for pops.

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