Grandma's Molasses All Natural Unsulphured 12 Oz

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Grandma provides sweet nutrition

Feb 17, 2008
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Pros:no sulfur, high in iron. Good source of calcium, potassium and trace minerals

Cons:sugar, messy

The Bottom Line: molasses is a good alternative to sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup or honey, with minerals for your health

I rarely worry about sugar or calories, but I do like good nutrition. Besides, molasses tastes good. It tastes, well, brown. It is slightly bitter, but very sweet at the same time. I have heard it described as the flavor of dirty brown sugar. Trust me, it’s good and it grows on you.

Molasses looks brown, too. It is a dark brown syrup, a little bit thicker than maple syrup, more like the consistency of honey. Like honey, molasses can develop sugar crystals if it is not kept in a cool cupboard. Keeping it in the refrigerator, or exposing it to the heat of cooking, can cause it to crystallize.

I like to use it as a glaze on ham, as an alternative to honey. Molasses can also give a roasted turkey or chicken that extra brown look without burning the bird.


Grandma’s molasses comes in a glass jar with a wide-mouth top. It contains molasses and nothing else. Some other brands use preservatives, and the most common preservative is sulfur. Grandma’s does not use preservatives. There is no need to. This molasses is all natural, made from the juice of pure, sun-ripened sugar cane, with no additives.

It has a shelf life of two or three years, even after you open the jar. I always have to wash off the outside of the jar before I put it away, or the ants will invade my cupboards. I never have found a way to get the sticky molasses out of the jar without some of it falling down and dripping over the outside of the jar.


One cup of molasses contains just 0.3 grams of fat, no cholesterol, no protein and 977 calories from, you guessed it, carbohydrates. Sugar.

It also has some important minerals:

Calcium 691 mg, 69% daily value
Iron 15.9 mg, 88% daily value
Magnesium 816 mg, 204% daily value
Phosphorus 104, mg 10% daily value
Potassium 4933 mg, 141% daily value
Sodium 125 mg, 5% daily value
Zinc 1.0 mg, 7% daily value
Copper 1.6 mg, 82% daily value
Manganese 5.2, mg 258% daily value
Selenium 60.0 mcg, 86% daily value


One serving of two teaspoons contains 32 calories and the following minerals:

manganese 0.36 mg, 18.0 % daily value
copper 0.28 mg, 14.0 % daily value
iron 2.39 mg, 13.3 % daily value
calcium 117.53 mg, 11.8 % daily value
potassium 340.57 mg, 9.7 % daily value
magnesium 29.38 mg, 7.3 % daily value
selenium 2.43 mcg, 3.5 % daily value


Health Benefits

Molasses is one of the richest known sources of available iron, which means iron that your body can actually use. Some doctors recommend molasses for growing children, adolescents and pregnant or lactating women.

It is also a good source of calcium, one of the most important minerals in the body.

Other nutrients include copper, manganese, potassium and magnesium.


As noted above, molasses makes a tasty brown glaze for ham or turkey.

Added to hot coffee or tea, molasses gives your beverage a tasty sweetness.

You can also add molasses to iced tea or rum drinks, but it does take more stirring to dissolve it in cold liquids.

Molasses makes a great topping for pancakes or waffles, instead of maple syrup.

Molasses is a great sweetener for cookie dough, as long as you don’t want white cookies. It will turn them brown. Molasses is the preferred sweetener for ginger snaps cookies, and of course for molasses cookies.

Molasses is the base that you find under the crumb topping of a shoofly pie.

Molasses can be used as the sweetener in pecan pie.

Some people use molasses as a plant food, dissolving one cup of molasses in a gallon of warm water.

Some History

Before World War One, molasses was a more popular sweetener than sugar, mainly because it was cheap. Sugar prices dropped after World War One, making sugar more popular. However, sugar cannot come close to the nutritional value of molasses.

When sugar and molasses are made, they start by crushing the juice out of sugar cane. The juice is boiled, then as it cools the sugar crystallizes out of it. The syrup that is left after the sugar crystals have been removed is molasses. Rum is made from molasses.

One of the hated taxes that led up to the Revolutionary War in the American colonies was the Molasses Act of 1733.


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