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Gummy Brown Earth Worms Packs: 100CT Box

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Gummy Brown Earthworms: How To Single Handedly Ruin Any Party You Attend

May 21, 2008
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Pros:Realistic look, four to five inches long, gummy snap action.

Cons:They look a little too real to eat.

The Bottom Line: Whether you want to ruin a party or gross people out, this gummy earthworm is one of the best around.

Being a huge fan of gross candy, the display box of Gummy Earthworms at the store was a sure sign that their popularity was finally catching on. The Foreign Candy Company makes a lot of really cool, gross treats but none are as realistic as these earthworms. Most of the ones that you encounter in real life will be slightly pink in color, that’s a sign that they are slightly stressed out. After a strong rain you might see them inching their way along sidewalks trying to find some plot of earth to call their home. In their natural habitat they are a bit darker as to blend in with their natural surroundings and to not get picked off by birds for a quick afternoon snack. See, you learn something new every day.

Gummy Brown Earthworms

The .26 ounce packs contain one four to five inch brown earthworm. When you see it in the pack you might get a slight twinge, that's how realistic it looks. The underside is somewhat flat and lacks any texture or detail but the top side has ridges and tiny little indents in it so it does look like a real earthworm. The local beer distributor sells about twenty different types of gross candy and this is one of the most popular ones. What makes them so popular? They are a novelty type product but something that is completely edible, well, if you can get past the appearance of it that is. They have the same properties as other gummy candies and hold up well in almost any type of weather. They are perfect for handing out at Halloween
but they are also great for piñatas and goodie bags for parties.

If you are into gross candy you will love this because it has that really nice "snap" to it when you bite into it and pull on it at the same time. The taste is fairly boring, I can't pick up on any type of taste but Annabelle swears that they are chocolate flavored. Looking at the ingredients you don’t get much help in solving the problem in regards to the taste as all it says is "artificial flavors". Regardless, it is something that really freaks people out, even more so if you happen to spot something in the grass, walk over and say something like, "I bet you five dollars you won't eat that worm". Ahh, cheap thrills at the expense of others. Kids love them because they are slightly creepy but you do have to be careful with the really young kids as they are a gummy product and they could choke on them if they don't chew them completely.

So how did I ruin a party with these? A few years ago someone made a really cool dessert that was served in a large clay flower pot. She lined the inside of it with foil and heaped in layers of crushed Oreo cookies and pudding. When there was about a half inch left in the pot she put in more crushed Oreo cookies so that it looked like black dirt. In the middle she put a rather realistic looking flower and had it sitting on the dessert table. It wasn't until I spotted the multi colored worms hanging over the side and working their way through the 'dirt' that I realized it was a food item. I made one of these desserts but forgot to tell the hostess that it was indeed edible. I used about seven of these worms in the dirt and didn't think anything of it when I picked one out, tilted my head back and sucked it down. You could literally hear the party come to a screeching halt. That will be the last time I am ever invited to a party and if I am I am sure my invitation will say something to the effect of, "don't bring anything to the party".

You can buy these in bulk for about seven cents apiece but you will need to purchase a minimum of 100 to get that ultra low price. I have seen these for anywhere from ten cents to a quarter. They aren't worth more than that and if you see them selling for more than .25 cents, keep looking elsewhere because they aren't worth more than that. I love the fact that they are individually wrapped and come on a little tray; that keeps them from getting smashed up or squished. The nutritional values for these are not printed on the package but you can get them by calling The Foreign Candy Company or writing to them to request that they send you the information.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes cool things come in small packages and that is definitely the case with these gummy earthworms. They are a lot more realistic than the multicolored clear ones and they do a great job of grossing people out. If you have a candy wholesalers in your area you might be able to get these in bulk to hand out at Halloween time. You can also be guaranteed that no one else in the neighborhood will be handing them out and since they are individually sealed they are a perfectly safe treat to dole out to the boys and ghouls. If you are looking for a way to get yourself uninvited from summer parties, make a Dirt Pie and be sure to add a few of these worms to it. If they invite you back again they are truly gluttons for punishment!

As always, thanks for the visit…

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