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HAAN SI-35 Slim & Light - Gray - Stick Cleaner

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Ready to go GREEN to Clean?

Feb 18, 2011
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Pros:No Chemicals
Removes mud and other grossness from the floor in one motion

Cons:Short Power Cord
Have to buy extra pads immediately

The Bottom Line: By far the best steam cleaner on the market bar none.  Well worth the money to get great results. 

Howdy Boys and Girls! Sit back relax this is going to be a little long...but if you are considering purchasing a steam mop please read my review.

HAAN SI-35 is simply amazing cleaning machine. If you have read my reviews in the past I am a little OCD when it comes to home cleanliness and only perfect will do. Never considered a steam mop but we had new carpet put in and my lovable little pooch and his raw hides was making a mess. Soooo, checked out options and several recommended using a steam mop.

Did a lot of research as I always do and picked the HAAN SI-35 because it simply was hands down better then any other machine on the market in the terms of steam, reliability and ease of use.

This model unlike the other HAAN products is low profile and very light! The low profile is perfect for going under the cabinets and around the toilet and blowing up dust mites and other gross stuff that is under the couch.

Facts: Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria; 120 volts; 1200 watts; 19.5-foot power cord Includes floor-protector pad, 2 microfiber pads, gliding tray 46.5 x 11.75 x 6.9 inches; 5.1 pounds; 1-year limited warranty

Heavy-gauge aluminum handle and low-profile steam head with 15 jets, it easily reaches beneath appliances, cabinets, and furniture to make sure every corner and crevice of your floors are thoroughly steam-cleaned.

Removable 13.5-ounce tank with water right from the tap. (I have medium hard water so I use distilled) Each tank provides up to 20 minutes of steam-cleaning time. Starts up quickly and ready to use in under 3 minutes. Uses steam in excess of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now Lets STEAM

Okay so not sure you want to throw out the mop and bucket or your Swiffer...hey I am with you...but I just did the entire house and here is my take on it.

This is not a vacuum, so vacuum first before steaming much as you would when you wet mop.

1. WEAR SHOES!!! The steam is VERY, VERY HOT!! The floor is fairly warm too. (Leaned that the hard way)

2. Use Distilled Water, HAAN does give you a cleaning solution to use once a month to clean the element, but if you use distilled that is not an issue.

3. BUY EXTRA PADS. The machine comes with two but I can tell you that after each refill you may as well change the pad too. The pads get very wet and it takes the floor longer to dry. Easy correction is just to put a new pad on with each tank.

4. The cord although is 19' long is 16 gauge so it is stiff and is way too short for me. Get a 16 gauge or better commercial extension cord. You will thank me for that!

5. The first time you use it will require a good little bit of effort. You are picking up residue from years of floor cleaner or Swiffer solution. After 4 strokes in the same area it will start to glide much easier. Subsequent cleaning you will find it glides very nicely right off the bat.

6. Work backwards. Place the floor protection pad next to the door way as you work out of the room. Always put the steamer on the pad never ever let it stay in one place. It will damage the floor, much like leaving the iron on fabric and walking away.

7. Work in two directions I do like a 45 degree and then a 90 and it is amazing the shine it will produce.

8. Let the machine cool down before storing and empty the water tank. I hang mine in the laundry room and it lays flat against the wall.

The white sock test passed and that is my ultimate test. While you use no cleaning solution you will not have a scent other than a very clean smell. I like that.

Word about Carpet Steaming...this will only disinfect and remove odors will not clean the carpet. A side effect from steaming however is the carpet fibers stand tall again...way cool if you ask me!

What am I going to save...A LOT! No more floor cleaners to buy.

The microfiber pads can be tossed in the washer, just no fabric softener and I let them air dry. The manual says you can put them in the dryer on low, I have learned from experience that the dryer will most certainly shorten the pads life.

So I am going green...I am steaming and love it! Love the machine and love the fact that I am cleaning and disinfecting all at the same time. As my Mother always said..."clean floors is a clean home." Mom would be proud.

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Shop for Floor Mops, Shampooers and Steam Cleaners from Hayneedle.com! Ultra lightweight and a snap to use, the HAAN Slim and Light SI-35R Steam Clean...
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Shop for Floor Mops, Shampooers and Steam Cleaners from Hayneedle.com! Ultra lightweight and a snap to use, the HAAN Slim and Light SI-35R Steam Clean...
Store Rating: 4.0
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