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Nov 14, 2011 (Updated Nov 15, 2011)
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Pros:Fast, easy to use, cleans harmful germs/bacteria and sanitizes, 15 steam jets

Cons:Need to buy more pads, cord too short

The Bottom Line: A wonderful light weight floor sanitizer that's easy to use and keeps my floors clean and shiny.  For $90, this sturdy machine will last me a long time.

My Shark S3501A Steam Cleaner broke and I had to decide if I was going to buy another one or choose a different brand. I loved my Shark, I really did, but it was rather flimsy and even though I was super careful with it, it let me down and I wasn't going down that route again, so I did some research and came up with the red HAAN SI-35 Floor Sanitizer and it's even better than I anticipated.

If you're in the market for a good steam cleaner/floor sanitizer, you'll love this one. Get rid of that Shark, it'll eventually break down on you.

You can buy the HAAN Floor Sanitizer in white, red and green (green is on the Haan website). I chose red because I love the color.

In the box:
Black handle with storage hook, aluminum extension pipe, floor sanitizer, gliding tray, floor protector resting mat (black mat and is NOT a tray), 2 ultra-microfiber pads. 11 packets of lime and scale remover, and user manual.

Assembly is as easy as one, two, three. Attach handle to aluminum pipe and attach pipe to sanitizer.

*Handle has non-slip ergonomic grip which helps to reduce hand and wrist stress. This is great for someone like me who has arthritis.
*Storage hook rotates 360 degrees to help manage cord to provide easy hanging storage.
*Pivoting power cord wrap which releases with the flick of the wrist. I never wrap my cords around the wraps as I've found the cords eventually fray. I wrap them around my hand and elbow and hang them on the top cord wrap. No more frayed cords.
*Power cord with flexible cord support which is double insulated with a 3-prong plug - support strengthens cord connections.
*Removable water tank which allows for 20 minutes of continuous steam on one tank. It doesn't take me 20 minutes to clean my floors. It takes 10-15 so I have plenty of water left over.
*Water tank release button (self explanatory)
*Indicator light turns red when unit is ON.
*On/off switch
*Steam head gets around and under difficult areas.
*Ultra-microfiber pads which are super absorbent and leaves the floor dry to the touch.
*Floor protector/resting mat for use when heating sanitizer or when taking a break from cleaning.
*Gliding tray for sanitizing and refreshing carpeted areas.

Size: 11.75" W x 6.94" C x 46.5" H
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Wattage: 1200 watts
Cord length: 19.5"
Tank capacity: 13.5 oz

Replacement pads for the Ultra-Microfiber are around $22 for 4 pads. You can also buy 2 pads for around $12.

It cleans:
Tile, hardwood, laminate, linoleum and vinyl floors. I have no film or residue left on my floors after cleaning.

Read your manual before using your sanitizer to become familiar with it.

One year limited warranty.

How to use:
There's a button on top of the sanitizer, depress it and remove the water tank. Fill with water and return to sanitizer. Easy enough to get started, isn't it? To attach the Ultra Microfiber pad to the sanitizer, lay one of the pads on the floor and place the sanitizer with the "hook & loop" side facing up, it's velcro and simply attaches, then place sanitizer on your floor protector while the water is heating.  

A note here: The pads are larger than the base of the sanitizer so you won't have problems with it shrinking and not fitting.  My Shark used both triangular and horizontal pads which didn't wash and wear very well.  They darkened over time and I could never get them clean.  I went beyond their recommendation and washed them in hot water with bleach but that didn't help at all.  White is not a good color to clean floors with when using steam.  I had recently bought 2 more triangular pads (the ones I used all the time) for my Shark but will be giving them to my daughter who has the same Shark I do/did, and can use them until her Shark breaks. 

Plug the sanitizer in your 3 prong (grounded--120 volt) outlet and wait for around 30 seconds. You're ready to go. The SI-35 emits steam at 212 degrees Fahrenheit so you have a lot of hot steam. Be sure and let your microfiber pad cool before removing it from the sanitizer. It's quite hot. When I'm finished, I pull the cord out of the socket by grasping the plug. Don't jerk it out with the cord. 

Before using my HAAN Floor Sanitizer, I sweep my floors and also run my hand held vacuum cleaner around the baseboards to make sure they're clean (OK, so I'm OCD) and when I'm ready to start cleaning, I plug it in and wait for the water to heat. I do hear a mild clicking, or vibrating, sound when I plug it in and that sound continues until the air has been pumped out.  Sometimes the vibrating doesn't stop so when I read up on this, I found out it was normal and nothing to worry about.

My floors are not really dirty. I don't have an accumulation of dirt or grime so it doesn't take me long to clean my dining room, kitchen, living room and 2 upstairs bathrooms. My bathrooms have a thick linoleum on them (very comfy). If you have an accumulation of dirt, or stains, on your floors, it may take several cleanings to remove them.

My water is soft enough that I don't need to use distilled water but if your water is hard, or semi-hard, you may want to use it. You have a good sanitizer here so don't muck it up. Don't add cleaning solutions, scented perfumes, oils or any other kind of chemical to the water. According to the manual, if you have some kind of stubborn stain on vinyl or linoleum, pre-treat it with a detergent and water.

HAAN does sell products you can buy to use in your steam cleaner such Haan Steam Scents--Juicy Orange ($10.25 for .5 fl oz bottle), Fresh Apple ($6.75 for .5 fl oz bottle), Freesia Breeze ($5.55 for .5 fl oz bottle). Pack of all three, $14.95. I've not tried them as the reviews I've read says the smell dissipates rapidly on your floors.

You can put your microfiber pads in the washer (gentle cycle) and use laundry detergent but don't use fabric softener as it will compromise the absorbency of the microfiber. I hand wash mine. I have an old bucket from when I was in the hospital - the type you take a sponge bath with - I fill it with cold water and let the pad soak for a couple of hours, rinse and lay on a towel to dry - air drying allows for a longer life span. I ordered extra pads since I clean my floors several times a week. Eventually my granddaughter will be crawling and I want my floors clean when she does. Of course, I want them clean anyway but for her, she will not be crawling on dirty floors.

When I'm finished with my sanitizer, I let it cool down on the floor protector and then remove the pad if it's dirty enough. If not, I'll use it again, or use it to spot clean around the front door. I don't have anywhere to hang it when not in use so I keep it stored on the pad in my office.

Use on carpet, rugs, upholstery, pet cushions and other soft surfaces:
I don't have a pet, I don't use it on cushions or upholstery but I do use it on fresh carpet stains which are mostly in my husband's bedroom (coke, milk or food).

I use the glide attachment. I place the sanitizer with attached pad on top of it and then put on top of the stain and slowly push/pull it across the stain. I have to blot the water up out of the carpet since I let it "sit" on the stain while pushing/pulling across the stain. It removes fresh stains but not old ones. Sometimes using Krud Kutter will remove the old stains (depending on the stain and how old it is). Actually, Krud Kutter is a great product for a lot of grease and grime.

When using the glide attachement on my carpet (sans the stains) and area rug in the living room, I don't need to blot up any water as I keep my sanitizer moving. Yes, my carpet and rug smells fresh, or clean or something. It's a "good" something!

There's a troubleshooting guide in your manual but I've not had to use it and hope I don't but it's there if I do need it.

It's recommended to clean your HAAN Floor Sanitizer once a month. Even if you don't have hard water, I think it's a good idea and it only takes a few minutes. Add a cup of water to the tank along with a packet of lime and scale remover, then I put my santizer on the mat and press the power button. I put a towel under my mat before setting the sanitizer on it, though, as you will get some condensation from the jets of steam. Once the cycle is completed, I wipe the mat off and allow it to air dry.

Using my HAAN Floor Sanitizer SI-35 is a breeze, it glides smoothly around my commodes, under my kitchen cabinets, my dining room table and the water dries almost instantly as I move from one spot to the other (so did my Shark). The 12 jets are an improvement along with the 212 degrees Fahreinheit steam which sanitizes my floors. I really love how sturdy it is. There's nothing flimsy about it but ya know, Haan could have made the cord longer. They would have had the perfect light weight steam sanitizer if they had. I still love it even if I do find it necessary to change plugs in each room I'm cleaning. At $90, I didn't go wrong and highly recommend it.

I've not used my Haan on upholstery, pillows or anything like that. Only on laminate, linoleum and the carpet in my bedrooms. I have some of the more expensive linoleum in 2 of my bathrooms (lino has came a long, long way) and I've not had any problems using my (ex)Shark or Haan cleaning them. Steam is a better option of truly cleaning, and sanitizing, your floors than the old mop and bucket days. I'll never go back to that.

Also, I've not experienced any peeling or burning and my laminate flooring looks so nice and I "know" it's clean.

Neither my Shark nor Haan was able to get behind the commodes but could go around the sides and front very easily and keeps that area between the rug and commode very clean. Before switching to steam cleaning, I'd clean that area the good old fashioned way....on my hands and knees with a rag.

Hot spots? I could feel the hot steam when using my Shark but not with my Haan and it has more jets and it's much quieter.  It's a better product. 

I clean the dining room, kitchen, living room, small hallway, and 2 of my bathrooms when I steam clean my floors and I've never ran out of water. I have water left and have to empty the tank.  My basement is finished with an exercise room, pool room, wash room, pantry, full bath, large, wide hallway, entry room with couch, etc., and a workshop room used for storage.  My husband keeps the downstairs clean and uses a mop and bucket plus a vacuum cleaner.  All told, I have around 13-14 rooms and there's just no way I can clean them all....help is needed.  We'll be investing in another steam cleaner for him to use when he cleans, another Haan.  They're definitely worth the money.




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