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HP Photosmart 100 Standard Inkjet Printer

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Great prints from a small, portable printer.

Jul 20, 2002 (Updated Jul 20, 2002)
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Pros:Small size. No computer needed. Great prints. Great included software.

Cons:Only prints 4X6 prints. No preview screen.

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for a photo printer and can live with 4X6 prints, then this is the printer for you. Great prints, easy to use, and portable!

I'm in the military and e-mailing pictures of the kids to the grandparents and other relatives is a must. I quickly grew tired of scanning in prints and spending quite a bit of time tweaking them so they didn't look quite so bad. I finally broke down and bought a digital camera earlier this year, with the primary purpose of e-mailing the pics and sending them to my mother's Ceiva picture frame. My plan was to use my trusty 35MM most of the time and the digital occasionally. Before I realized it, I was using the digital 95% of the time. The ease of use and great pictures relegated my 35MM to the closet.

Since I was using the digital camera almost exclusively, I realized I needed a decent printer for the occasional print. I knew my $40 printer wasn't going to make the grade. I did some research and the HP PhotoSmart 100 kept rising to the top. I found one at the BX for $175 and had to have it. I haven't been disappointed.

Pros: Size - One of the pluses for only printing 4X6 prints is the size. It is small enough to stick in a suitcase and take with us when we visit relatives. This leads to another plus; the fact that you don't need a computer to print photos. The printer accepts all 3 types of digital camera memory: memory stick, compact flash, and smartmedia. The printer doesn't have a preview screen though, so you must use your camera to determine which photos you want to print, or you can print out an index page. Another great feature and a nice surprise is the included software. Unlike the software you receive with most computer hardware, this stuff is outstanding (though obviously not as good as Adobe PhotoShop or equivalents). It will download your photos from the camera to your computer and will automatically delete the photos from the memory in your camera if you so desire. It will also automatically print them, though I don't use that feature. Another feature of the software I love is the ability to e-mail different size photos. Most of the people I e-mail pics to still have dial-up connections. This software lets me send small photos and even tells me how long it will take someone to download the e-mail depending on their connection speed. I'm sure the recipients of my e-mails greatly appreciate the fact that I don't tie up their connection with an e-mail that takes 5 minutes to download. And last but certainly not least, the quality of the prints is outstanding. I would say they look 99% as good as film.

Cons: Not many, and the ones I can think of are minor. It only prints 4X6 prints, so if you need to print larger you'll have to look elsewhere. It doesn't have a preview screen built in, which some people desire. I consider it unnecessary. I just use the camera to determine which photos I want to print if I'm not using the computer.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this printer and highly recommend it.

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Amount Paid (US$): 175.00
Operating System: Windows

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