HTC /TMobile G2

Oct 15, 2010
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I purchased the phone on October 12th.  It arrived on October 14. I returned it on October 15th.  T-Mobile is going to send me another one.
Beautiful phone.  When I get the replacement, I will try to get write another review.  Here is how this went.
The first one I got was a disaster.  On the 14th, after I got it and charged it ... I noticed that it kept shutting down (not going to stand-by, actually shutting down).  So I plugged it into the wall ... let it charge over-night.  From the moment I unplugged it from the wall to the moment I returned it, it rebooted itself every 2-5 minutes.  I had not installed ANY software that did not come with the phone itself.  
I sat with technical support 5 times in 18 hours.  Conclusion ... after flashing it back to factory settings and it still doing the same thing .. sorry your phone seems to be a "Dead Parrot", please return it and we will send you a new one.

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