Hagen Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement 8.4 oz Reviews

Hagen Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement 8.4 oz

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Nutrafin Cycle--Our Ammonia and Nitrite Levels Are Still Too High!

Mar 3, 2010
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Pros:easy to use, adds beneficial bacteria to aquariums, safe for fresh and saltwater

Cons:didn't work, doesn't live up to claims

The Bottom Line: A new fish tank cycle only takes 14 days. Why is this "faster acting, more powerful" liquid Cycle not working after almost two months???

I bought a 10 gallon fish tank about two months ago and we just can't seem to get the water right for those little fishies. We put three in after about 2 weeks of running the filter and using AquaSafe water conditioner but the little guys died quickly. A trip to Petco taught me that I can either wait out the high  levels of ammonia and nitrite or do some regular maintenance. Since then I've vacuumed a couple times and used this Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement almost daily.

I purchased a 8.4 oz bottle of Nutrafin Cycle at Petco for about $14. I was told to use it daily for about two weeks and the ammonia and nitrite levels would go down to a safe enough level for us to reintroduce fish to the aquarium. I was also told it is safe to be generous with it--no, don't dump the bottle, but more than a capful is fine--and that it's a good idea to add some of this clear beneficial bacteria liquid any time there's a water change, filter maintenance, or introduction of new fish. Since the cap is not measured, that calmed my fears of over medicating our tank. It's safe for fresh and saltwater use. What really sold me, and my anxious five-year-old, was the claim on the "faster acting, more powerful" bottle that it "allows immediate introduction of fish" and "prevents fish loss."

Unfortunately, we've been using this stuff for a month and a half and each time I've gone to Petco for the attendant to test our water, the ammonia and nitrite levels are still too high. So much for immediate! Try explaining to your five-year-old that she still can't get new fish for her Christmas gift.  The bottle advises using this liquid three days in a row (25 m/10 gallon tank the first day, then 10 mL each of the other two) for a brand new tank. The whole bottle holds 250 mL-10 first day doses. At this point, I'm tempted to dump all of our water and start new. I've already vacuumed out half of it.

I'm really disappointed that this stuff hasn't worked anywhere near as quickly or effectively as it claims. I even bought a second bottle of it recently since the folks at Petco suggested being more diligent with its dosage-I had stopped using it for a week thinking I was doing more harm than good.

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