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Haier HLP140E Electric Portable Dryer

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A compact dryer that compliments the compactness of your apartment. Great product!

Mar 10, 2012 (Updated Mar 11, 2012)
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Pros:Portable, dries well, easy to use, compact,elegant with great buttons and lights.

Cons:Filter cleaning-difficult, heating element in front may burn your fingers, not very quiet.

The Bottom Line: Compact and portable. Easy to maintain and use. Does not spoil clothes due to overheating. Fabrics remain soft. A good purchase if you stay in an apartment.

How would you like to have the luxury of watching your favourite movie on Sunday evenings and checking out your laundry in the middle of commercials rather than rushing up and down to the Laundromat of your apartment armed with loaded baskets of soiled clothes?

I live in a small 750 sqaure feet apartment and it really drives me crazy to see my rooms untidy or cluttered . I was looking for a compact dryer so that I could get rid of the drying racks that line up on laundry days. The Haier HLP140E 2-3/5-Cubic-Foot Compact Tumble Vented Dryer was purchased after some online research and recommendations from our friends. I will not vote this appliance as the ultimate, but it did sort out my issues within my budget.

It was really easy to set up and we installed it near the bathroom window with the vent let out. A friend has added an indoor lint trap to the machine and left his vent indoors. It works well but makes his apartment a little warm and humid at times. In my case I get no lint on my furniture or rugs and the room temperatures remain unaffected.

I was suggested a 220v or a gas line for plugging in the dryer , but I am using a 120v line for my portable dryer as it dries only on low heat. If I had a little more space in my apartment I would have gone for a bigger washer and dryer to cut out on the drying time but I am really happy as mine takes 90 minutes on an average to dry a load.(Fair enough for a machine of this size)

I make sure of not overloading the dryer and this helps reduce the wrinkles and creases.Iam aware that smaller machines have lesser space for tumbling and more than half load will lead to more wrinkles as the clothes dry up. Half loads of wet clothes lead to reduced drying times and gives better results.

It is important to pull out and clean the filter after every load too. It is placed at the back of the drum as it a bit difficult to pull out.It would have been much easier to have a more spacious and convenient filter position. The process however makes the drying time much faster as the air is allowed to flow through the machine . There is another nested black coloured filter that needs cleaning regularly and the lint has to cleaned off the "catch" as often as possible.

The setting of the timer has to be done as per your higher or lower heat settings to 30,60, 90 or 120 minutes.My dryer has electronic controls which are far better than the window/ dial versions that are being slowly phased out from the market. These controls give a very chic look to the machine and adds to its elegance.

The sensor dry features are usually accurate but sometimes the manual dry times needs to be set . This is required in times of mixed loads of fabrics of different weights. This effects the accuracy of the sensor and some clothes are left undried. It is always better to keep loads of different weights separate.There are three auto dry cycles:Normal, Heavy, and Delicate. The towels and jeans need the "heavy" setting. I have resisted from using " delicate " as it takes a long time to dry on low heat.It is important not to stack in too many clothes at the same time as it blocks the opening from where the heat comes out and increases the drying time.

There is a noise when the dryer is working and so make sure to keep it away from your TV/music system/ telephones or drawing rooms.

This dryer can burn your fingers and you have to be very careful. The heating element is located in the front, just to the lower left of the opening but it is not very conspicuous. The heating element is in front rather than the rear side of the machine (the exhaust is placed at the back)and it can get really hot at times.

There are different lights for the drying status lights (drying, cooling, done, and check lint filter, etc) that make the machine extremely user friendly and easy to use.

If space and portability is your chief concern then this dryer is for you.It leaves your fabrics soft and smooth and is absolute value for your investment.

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