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Jan 27, 2012
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Pros:Inexpensive reward or party piece.

Cons:Has a sharp point but not easily accessed when closed.

The Bottom Line: This is a fun and expensive reward that can be worn with pride.  Matches a party set as well.

Finding new ways to reward good behavior in children can be challenging at times especially if the reward is to be an item that is tangible.  Rather than simply giving a child toys or other various items they enjoy, having them earn that item can add special value to that piece.  Sometimes we will reward our daughter with a fun day out or will find an item that she can play with.  We try to mix up the reward style so it keeps her engaged in wanting to earn that item.  Tangible items can get expensive and will take over your household very quickly.  Finding an item that is inexpensive and small can produce the same results as compared to a larger toy.  We do not provide extra rewards for every good behavior with an item or event but do like to provide one for actions that required extra effort. 

One item that we purchased for our daughter was a Tinkerbell Award Ribbon.  She successfully completed her chore for a period of two weeks without needing any reminders.  As she is four years of age, this was quite an accomplishment in our eyes and wanted her to have a little something to remind her that hard work will pay off in the end.  We chose this item as it was inexpensive and would be something she could wear and display her accomplishment.  She is a fan of most Disney characters and the little fairy is one of her favorites. 

The Tinkerbell Award Ribbon is very simple in its design and focuses on the sweet fairy character.  The center of the ribbon features a button that is about two inches in diameter and has a colored picture of Tinkerbell's face.  The top of her dress is shown and she is wearing her popular green dress.  In the background, there are a few flowers and a green and blue sky.  Surrounding this center button is some purple ribbon that has been bunched together to give a ruffled appearance.  The bottom of the ribbon has two strips that match the coloring of the ruffles.  Each strip is about three inches long and an inch wide.  On one of the strands, the phrase "Pixie Power!" is written in gold.  The strands each end with a "V" cut at the bottom.  The back of the ribbon has a white plastic piece that holds the pin that is used to secure the ribbon.  The pin is thin and has sharp point allowing it to be slipped onto clothing easily.  As it is sharp, it should be used with caution.  The sharp end of the pin slips into a slot that not only keeps the ribbon fastened but will protect the wearer from being poked. 

We paid $3 for the ribbon and she was very excited to wear it.  For three days straight she had to wear her ribbon and told many people how she earned it.  We have found that she does consistently do her chore and remembers that she earned her ribbon by handling her responsibilities.  We do not give her a reward every week she does this, as this would take the novelty of it away.  Rewards are random and unpredictable in life and we are trying to prepare her.

My daughter has had this for about a month and the ribbon itself is still in good shape.  She has worn it on multiple occasions and all of the pieces are still firmly attached to one another.

I would recommend this as a reward item or as a party piece.  The pattern matches a Tinkerbell party set that is available.  I have seen this pattern at many stores and would be a nice way to highlight a birthday girl.

I would not recommend this for a child younger than three years of age as the point could poke resulting in a minor puncture wound.   

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