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Hamilton Beach 33135 6-Quart Slow Cooker

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Fantastic, Versiltile Slow Cooker

Sep 9, 2009 (Updated Sep 9, 2009)
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Pros:Multiple cook settings, very flexible

Cons:Storage space in a small kitchen

The Bottom Line: I strongly recomend this for busy people.  Its flexibility can't be beat.

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Slow Cooker is fantastic!

I had a slow cooker that I used years ago, but it was a bit of a pain.  The crock wasn't removable, so it was hard to wash.  It was only one size, making it hard to cook more or less as needed.

This slow cooker solves those problems.

This slow cooker comes packaged with
* the base
* a 2 qt crock
* a 4 qt crock
* a 6 qt crock
* a lid that fits all three crocks
* a recipe book and directions

Using the slow cooker is easy.  Put your ingredients in the crock you need.  Put that crock in the base.  Hit your temp setting (very self-explanatory with "high," "low," or "warm").  Then punch the 2-, 4-, or 6-quart button depending on the size you're using.  Come back in a few hours and the meal is done.

One great thing about having three crocks is that you can cook all kind of different-sized dishes.  Sauces, dips, drinks and desserts are great in the 2-qt crock.  The 4-qt one is great for vegetables and some meat, soups, and stews.  The 6-qt crock is great for layered dishes (lasagna, for example), meat, and larger amounts of soups and stews.

Another nice thing is that you can store one crock in the fridge with leftovers in it while another one is being used to cook.  A third one could even have a meal in it ready to go the next day!  (You do only have one lid--so you will need to order replacement lids from Hamilton Beach or use cling wrap to cover the ones not being used to cook.)

I have found that the times needed to cook fit the recipes I have.  The cooker doesn't seem to cook too high or low for either the high or low setting.  The warm feature also works well when cooking is done.

Being able to use three crocks, two cook settings, and 1 warm setting seems flexible enough.  But you can actually make the cooker even MORE flexible.  If you need a super-high setting, you can use a 2- or 4-qt crock and hit the next size up.   If you need a super-low setting, you can use the 4- or 6-qt crock and high the next size down when cooking.  (For example, last night I needed to shorten cooking time.  So I used a 4-qt crock, high, but hit the button for the 6-qt crock.  This made it cook faster because the 6-qt button was made to heat a larger crock.)

The crocks are very easy to clean.  They are dishwasher safe, though I always wash mine by hand.  The crocks also stack inside of each other making storage easy.  The base is not dishwasher safe but also shouldn't get very dirty because nothing directly cooks in it.

The only complaint I have is that the base can get really hot, so you have to be careful around it.  In one-size, non-removable crock slow cookers, the base can get hot, but it is usually more insulated, making burning yourself less likely.

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