Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Oil Capacity 35030 Deep Fryer Reviews

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Oil Capacity 35030 Deep Fryer

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From Beignets to Hush Puppies!

Jan 19, 2010 (Updated Jan 19, 2010)
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Pros:Size, lid protection for splatter, timer, preheat capability

Cons:We haven't come across any yet, honestly!

The Bottom Line: Recommended to people who do even a minimum of frying.  My brother, mother, and I all have one and we all like it; it transcends age and sex. 

We got one of these for Christmas and absolutely love it.

We are Southern and have been deep frying for years...and we are serious about our fried foods!  Hence the weight problems below the Mason-Dixon...but say what you want about us, we eat good!

We've fried in skillets, deep fryers, had both a large and small Fry Daddy over the years, and had procured an industrial sized fryer from a closed restaurant about two months before Hurricane Katrina that held three fry baskets and used a LOT of grease...stupid hurricane!  It may have been excessive, but we have a big family and a lot of reasons to gather and eat.  Anyway, so far this is our favorite fryer. The size is right, the timers and other features are excellent and we don't have anything bad to say about it...so far!

Ok, for starters, the size...it is small enough to be easily stored in a cabinet, or comfortably sit on your counter.  It is bigger than a two-slice toaster but not bigger than a small toaster-oven, if that gives you a good idea.  Also, it is smaller than a bread box.

It holds up to 12 cups of oil, or 3 liters, for you metric system users.  The inner basket is about four inches deep and about a foot long.  It holds enough fish filets to serve 4, easily, and when we have company over, we just keep frying servings until everyone is satiated, with no issues from the appliance.

As for the food, everything fries evenly!  We haven't had any issues yet with that...the basket is there for you to occasionally shake, so asa long as you realize that, you shouldn't get any golden brown fried foods with light yellow corners.  This is aided by what the instruction booklet calls "the immersed heating element."  You set the temperature on the knob, (up to 375 degrees) and the heating element lets you know with the light signal when the grease is ready for you to drop in your basket of food.  It maintains the correct temperature, and the digital timer (you can set it for up to one hour) won't let you forget when your food has cooked enough.  It beeps to tell you when it is done.

One of my favorite nifty features on this fryer are the little black, plastic handles on the sides.  The metal gets a bit warm when it is in use, but you can easily pick up the machine if you need to with these handles, without even needing pot holders. 

We also like the lid.  It completely covers the top of the cooking food and hot grease and prevents splatter.  My grandma's skillet did not offer so much protection from grease burns.  With this fryer, I can grab the handle of the basket and shake the frying food without having to lift the lid, knowing that it is doing its job and doesn't need me to check on it...no grease pops in my eye!  Nice.

My mom received one of these as well, and her favorite thing is being able to save the grease in the fryer for future use.  I've occasionally saved grease in the fridge, but have never been a big fan of frying anything in grease that once held, say, fish, for instance.  Mom, on the other hand, will fry beignets and fish in the same grease, two days apart...and she likes not having to pour the grease in an old coffee can for safe-keeping.  It stays in its liquid form in the fryer and is protected from dust and any curious insects by the lid.

Finally, the fryer disassembles easily enough for quick cleaning.  It breaks down into about 6 pieces and is easy to clean.

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