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Hamilton Beach 48571 12 Cups Coffee Maker - White

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Pour Yourself a Cup of Java Before the Cycle Completes

Jan 8, 2006
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Pros:Auto pause feature; Reasonable price; Permanent filter

Cons:Light/Dark setting not very useful; Unsophisticated

The Bottom Line: This is a good coffee maker for the money. It isn't very sophisticated, but it should suit the needs of most consumers.

Coffee makers are another one of the many small appliances that most every household can claim ownership. I have used many different coffee makers, including ones that make a full pot of brew and ones that make only a single serving or two. One coffee maker that produces a larger amount of coffee at one time is the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Model 48571, a 12- cup brewing system.

Facts About This Product:

This coffee maker has a twelve cup capacity and it features a tall glass carafe and a heavy duty plastic construction. The reservoir for the water is located in back and the water (once the top is closed) isn’t visible from the outside.

To help with the brewing process, this coffee maker has a digital clock that can be programmed to start brewing at a specific time of the day. The clock uses an LCD- type display and there is even a button you can press to stop the brewing in mid cycle so that you can remove the pot and serve a cup of coffee.

A permanent filter is included with this coffee maker to ensure you can brew a pot of coffee even when you have run out of paper filters. A dial on the top of the machine can be adjusted to produce lighter or darker coffee. All removable parts are dishwasher safe. The unit has a total power of 900 watts and it weighs about 6.5 pounds.

Customer Service:

If you need some answers to questions about this or other Hamilton Beach products, you can visit the web site, hamiltonbeach.com (or visit proctorsilex.com). In the web page, you can lookup general information about this appliance and find links to other sites to make a purchase. If you prefer to speak to a live rep, the number is 800-851-8900.

Final Thoughts:

Coffee makers are another one of those appliances that most households seem to own. Even if one doesn’t like coffee very much, it is common to find a coffee maker in the kitchen. I don’t consume very much coffee at all but I, too, have a coffee maker in my kitchen. It occupies a permanent part of my counter top, directly to the right of the stove, where it gets a workout only about once every ten days.

Even though I don’t use my coffee maker very much, I still expect my machine to provide me with the minimum expectations one would want in a coffee maker. And this model seems to fit that bill. It isn’t anything special, but it produces a good pot of coffee and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as some of the fancier appliances on the market.

One of the advantages of this coffee maker is its shape and design. Because of the way they built this appliance- with its cylindrical shape- it doesn’t take up as much space as others in its class. The reservoir is in the back and it is contoured to fit around the back of the appliance. Because you can’t see the water anyway, the manufacturer wisely decided to give the reservoir all of that excess space in back. Because of this, the coffee maker is more compact than it would otherwise be. If the reservoir had been designed to stand out on its own, the size of the coffee make would have had to be increased.

One really cool feature with this coffee maker is its ability to be stopped during the brewing cycle so that you can pour a cup of coffee. Everything else aside, this feature alone makes this unit worth buying. How many times have you found yourself in a hurry, waiting for your coffee maker to complete its cycle so that you can remove the carafe and pour a cup of java? With this coffee maker, you don’t need to wait. You simply press the auto pause button and the machine will stop brewing. You can then pour yourself a cup or two, replace, and press the button again to resume. Coffee makers are not very speedy, and this feature is extremely appealing when you find yourself pressed for time. I consider myself a patient person, but for whatever reason, I get really annoyed waiting for coffee makers to complete a brewing cycle. It really isn’t that long (less than ten minutes for most makers) but it seems longer, probably because other appliances (toasters, blenders, etc.), are so much faster.

The permanent filter in this coffee maker is nice, but I tend to prefer using paper filters whenever possible. Paper filters are inexpensive and using them is more convenient because you don’t have to wash anything. However, the permanent filter is still nice to have around because with it, you are guaranteed to have the ability to brew coffee during those times when you have run out of paper filters. And it is very easy to clean. It tends to get stained (like anything that comes in contact with coffee), but it cleans by running it under hot water.

On the top of this coffee maker, directly above the area where the coffee and the filter are located, there is a dial that can be adjusted between light and dark. The way this works is similar to other coffee makers: As you turn the dial from light to dark, the amount of time the coffee steeps increases, making the brew a little darker and a little stronger. My experience with this has shown that this feature isn’t very useful. The reason it isn’t very useful is because the difference in steeping time isn’t that significant from light to dark and thus the differences in brew strength are negligible. Also, it is important to remember that you will not create any real difference in strength by decreasing your coffee usage and turning the dial to the darkest setting. Consumers often do this thinking they will get the desired strength in taste they wish for and save coffee in the process. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. You have to use the correct amount of coffee for the number of cups you are brewing if you want your coffee to taste good.

Like many other coffee makers, this one can be programmed to start brewing at a specific time. This is nice, but it is fairly common among modern coffee makers so it isn’t anything special. The pot holds up to twelve cups so it can make a large pot of coffee all at once. To produce a full pot takes about six to seven minutes from start to finish. This isn’t very fast but with the auto pause feature, it really doesn’t matter. You can stop it whenever you want and pour a cup of coffee.

Overall, this is a good coffee maker from Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach. It retails for about $27 so it doesn’t cost very much for what it offers. There are better coffee makers on the market, but unless you’re a connoisseur of coffee, an appliance like this one should suit you fine. It produces a good cup of coffee without the long wait for the brewing cycle to end and it sells for a price that should fit within everyone’s budget.

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