Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker

Jan 9, 2010
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Pros:1.5 quart is the perfect size for my needs.

I find it easy to clean.

Cons:Can't use for a big event unless I make multiple batches
Churn paddle is plastic

The Bottom Line: I would recommend it, you can make soft delicious ice cream with it.  And its pretty easy to clean

I bought this Ice Cream machine in November at a thrift store practically brand new.  Since then I have only used it twice, but that has to do with the weather. 
It's size 1.5 quarts is perfect for my husband, me and the occasional guest who come to our place.  It has a bowl that you need to freeze at least 24 hours in advance.  It also has a churn and a motor that moves the churn.  The manual comes with some basic recipes that you can tweak to you own taste (I made mango ice cream using mango pulp and the vanilla ice cream recipe from the manual)  If I follow the manual directions and chill the liquid mixture prior to making the ice cream then my ice cream is ready as a soft serve in 30 minutes.  If I want it harder, then I just transfer the ice cream to a container and stick in the freezer for an hour.  I love this Ice cream maker it very basic you need to keep an eye on it when you are making the ice cream, but you can always to "taste test ;) during the churning process.  It has a simple on and off switch nothing is digital.  Also the price is cheaper than many other ice cream maker on the market.  So for me it was worth it 

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